Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shadow Man!

Me: Now that is final. Isa: but, but… Me: No buts Isa: Aaaaaand, and blah blah blah

Marc and I both laughed and were amazed at how she changed conjunctions like that.

We went to see Jim Gill in concert. It was sponsored by Ups For Downs. Jimmy’s BFF’s Bobby and Jack were there.

Jimmy scooted to the front to see the main attraction!DSC00192



Jimmy and Jack


Good morning!


Jimmy found his shadow today and had a LOOOOOOOONG conversation with him. It was super cute. He would wave with one hand, try and grab it, and then look around after it disappeared.



Jimmy had three therapy sessions today. Not on purpose really. I was scheduling a cancelled appointment and said yes without thinking he already had two sessions scheduled. Oh well. He made it through all of them. In speech he sucked from the straw on his own a few times. That is HUGE progress. He also imitated lots of sounds and signs. In occupational therapy he put stuff in containers and went through the motions of throwing a ball over his head with some help. He also clapped for himself whenever he did a good job. In physical therapy he was a little grumpy…understandably! But, he did some crawling and some standing. We are all happy with his progress…so much so that Marc baby proofed a few things around the house. The biggest one was the basement door. It automatically closes now.

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