Thursday, March 25, 2010

so random

A few things I have learned recently:
1) you can check a car seat on American Airlines and you don't pay anything.
2) Jimmy prefers to eat his avocado in large pieces.
3) you can buy a ton of toys at a rummage sale for under 35 dollars.
4) when potatoes go bad they smell really really bad (like a dead decomposing animal bad).

ok, boring...that is why i haven't posted in a few days. By the time the kids are in bed I am exhausted. I have been crazy busy just trying to keep up. On our first day back from vacation, Jimmy had a doctor's appointment in Oakbrook Terrace, a good hour from my house. That night I was forced to spend loads, $35.00, on lots of toys for the coffee shop, at a rummage sale. Wednesday, I did loads of laundry because Isa seems to not be potty trained anymore at night. Being on vacation ruined her. She was going to bed super late and waking up at her normal time. Plus, she was super congested. She was snoring so loud. Today, we relaxed a bit, checked out a place for the coffee shop, hit the gym only to shower, and had two opportunities to go out this evening but managed to do neither. The first was to visit a friend I volunteered with in Mexico. I ended up saying no because she is in downtown Chicago and the kids weren't in bed till 7:45pm...too late of a start. Second one was down the street but I felt pressure to look nice and that was too much for me. Now I am writing the worst blog post ever!

Oh and I copied Queen of Harrisonville and organized my bins with pictures. It was fun organizing the toys for their photo shoots. Isa took many of the photos. I even put up a backdrop. I even rearranged Isa's drawers a bit.
a close up of doll house toys and baby accessories
and a close up of Barbies and large figurines...the Barbies are not dressed appropriately but it was either that or in the nude. I figured some clothing is better than none..although Ariel can't seem to find her skirt.

Today Isa noted that there was something on the glass door, I checked it out and told her, "yup, a bird pooped on the door." She said, " he didn't wipe."

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  1. I'm not trying to step on any toes here, but I have been under the impression for many years now that Jo is the Queen of Harrisonville.