Saturday, March 13, 2010

Travel and Vacation Day 1

We arrived in Scottsdale. The plane ride was one to forget. Two poopy diapers and lots of crying but we made it. Does Jimmy (below) look like a man that just completely wore out his parents?
Isa fell asleep as the plane was landing. The landing itself was bumpy and she was very annoyed about that.
Day 1 of vacation!
Isa loves to play with water and loves to water plants.
Jimmy enjoyed playing with the water too. 
Look at his gorgeous legs!

Jimmy has all that he needs. A shovel to bang the pool and ground with. He is such a happy man when he's not on a plane. We didn't do much today and that's how we like it in our family. We do have plans tomorrow though. Fingers crossed that the kids sleep in till 6:30am (not too much to ask for, right?)!


  1. I read Abbi's blog (we met eachother through a mutual friend). I saw the cute shirts you made, so I came to look at the originals. :) I noticed your son has red hair. He is so adorable! I have a niece with DS too and SHE has red hair! She is 2 1/2. They live in Bloomington, IN. We all love that Rebecca has red hair because it makes her that much more unique. I laughed when you talked about Jimmy scooting. Rebecca has never crawled. She just scoots around on her bottom. Why crawl when you can move like the wind on your bottom! :) She is using a walker now and is learning to walk. My sister-in-law is also pregnant again (about 10 weeks). What a small world! Just thought I would share! :)

  2. thanks for reading! jimmy's red hair is awesome. i love it. it's amazing how we live similar lives just in a different place. christi