Thursday, April 29, 2010

A beautiful Day!

It was a beautiful warm day and we enjoyed playing outside. Here we are at a friend’s house and Jimmy is swinging in the baby swing.




Jimmy loved being pushed by his big sister. Isa is wearing a dress made by yours truly. By the time we got home, both buttons fell off. Errrr! In the picture below you can see the two buttons that are no longer.


The pattern is from Izzy n Ivy designs. It is a very easy dress to make. The first one took me a week and this one took two days…although I will have to fix the buttons later so technically three days.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jimmy Update!

Jimmy has grown up so much in the last month. It’s like everything is clicking and he’s getting stronger. He crawls so much more now. He doesn’t need to be coaxed all the time to crawl. I will be cooking and look down and there he is in the kitchen. I love it! He is also doing so great drinking liquids. He doesn’t choke half as much. It’s so wonderful. I think this summer he will get the straw and be able to drink by himself. I think some heat will spur that along! Now his honey bear and open cup has just water, milk, and chocolate milk in it. He loves chocolate milk and I know it’s horrible but I will use it to motivate him to drink! Lastly, he is a signing man. Check out this video of Jimmy signing.

Today my handsome man got a haircut. He hated it but now he looks super cute and cleaned up. This picture was taken before the cutting started.


He actually did OK at first. I was singing songs and Dora was on in the background but then she brought out the hair clippers. From that point on it was painful for everyone. I had to hold his head still but he still managed to wave his hands in the way. Thank goodness it is over now.




Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekender!

This weekend was full of fun. It was exhausting, but, thankfully, some parties were cancelled, and we had a relaxing Sunday. Our first party was for Olivia Harrison, my wonderful niece. She turned 5 and had a a super fun Pump it Up party. Olivia had lots of friends there but still managed to hang out with Isa and Jimmy. I was impressed with her ability to make everyone feel included. From the moment we walked in, Jimmy was in full on tense mode; he gets so excited that he tenses up his whole body.


Isa and Jimmy


Olivia and Jimmy


Jimmy was loving the attention from Olivia. Later, when Isa saw the photos, she said, “I didn’t know Olivia played with Jimmy.”


Isa went down this one slide with a look of fear and exhilaration. It was pretty awesome to watch her conquer her fear and have fun!


Jimmy and I were watching Isa from the bottom of the slide. He loved climbing on the mats. I have to get him in a gym type class. I looked online at My Gym and Gymboree and there are no convenient times but hopefully soon we can sign him up for something.


Isa and Olivia trying to climb a big wall. It looks impossible.


Princess of the Party! Happy 5th Birthday, Miss O!


This is what Jimmy looked like when we got home. My tired little man.


Later on we celebrated at Gabe’s 2nd birthday party. Gabe’s mom is a talented seamstress and cake maker. She made a playhouse and a yummy ladybug cake, I am amazed at her talent. Her children are very lucky indeed.

Then we had my brother, Jonny, and his fiancé, Lisa, over to our house to celebrate their recent engagement. We annoyed them with all types of questions and advice and then let them on their way!

This morning, Sunday, Marc and the kids went to Church and I took a nap. It was a wonderful nap. Then Isa invented a fun game. She wants a kite so bad that she turned a balloon and a string into a kite. She ran around with it in our tiny backyard. It eventually became a game of chase and catch the balloon. We couldn’t stop laughing.



DSC01640 DSC01638

I played for a bit too and couldn’t stop laughing. Isa asked Marc later, “Was the game funny? Mama kept laughing.” Good times. The best part of her game is she tied the string to a shoe so it wouldn’t blow away. After playing chase the Kite, Isa went to T-ball.  It got rained out, so Marc and Isa came home after picking up some Panera.  Isa begged Daddy to get pancakes too because she was really really hungry.


We had a nice family walk in the misty rain to the Homemade Pizza store and now we are about to eat dinner. Except for the Bulls losing, I think we had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picnic…Isa style.

Jimmy was napping and I was dying for a short nap. Isa said she would let me take a short nap. Ha! Then she said she was going to make a picnic. I said, “ok.” Not too much time later Jimmy woke up and my nap was over. We went to find Isa and found this.


She took the towel outside, graham crackers, nuts, baby food, a baby spoon, raisins, and not pictured (bubbles and chalk).


Isa showing us all she did.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The big ultra-sound.

His/Her hand is blocking his/her face.010

He/She is scratching his/her head wondering, why all the pictures?.


This one is hand free. He or she is pretty freakin cute…even the doc said so!!


Today I had the big 20 week, level II ultra-sound performed by a technician and a high-risk doctor. Round one was with the technician and the little guy or girl ( i still don’t know) was a moving and a grooving. She could not find out the sex, nor could she get a good look of the heart, or profile (just for me of course). After a lot of hard pressure going across my belly, the high-risk doctor came in. There was barely any pressure when he did it and the images were pretty clear (to them). He was able to find out if it was a boy or girl and the baby looked healthy (yay!). The doc told the technician that since I am thin, less pressure is better (yes, he totally made my day!). He said it was hard to determine real accountable odds based just on this ultra-sound concerning if this child has Down Syndrome. He figured, since I had a baby already with Down Syndrome, the odds were 1 and 100 and that now my odds were 50% less (i think that means I have a 1 in 200 chance according to him). I wasn’t really sure what he meant, but since it doesn’t really matter either way, I didn’t ask him to explain further. I don’t expect to have another child with Down Syndrome, but if it happened, I think it would be great. Jimmy’s wonderful and so would his little bro or sister. Plus, they would have each other, someone that understands their joy and pain. As soon as Marc gets home we will open the envelope and disclose whatever is on it.   

He better hurry.

This is serious!

Marc will be working later than expected. Isa and I can wait no longer, ok, click here!, to learn the sex!





oh, my bad, here is the correct video.

How could I resist with the other video?

Now on to names…

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last to Leave Home

I am reading Last to Leave Home by Carolyn S. Baker for book club. It’s about a man with Down Syndrome who was born in 1952. He was raised with his family that included two sisters and four brothers. In the 50s there was no early intervention or public school for kids with Down Syndrome. The book touches on that briefly but mostly jumps to his adulthood and talks about jobs he held, people who cared for him, and some of the funny and annoying habits he had. I am only half way through and I am having a tough time finishing it. Some of the stories are cute and make me smile but most of them take away my hope or give me fear of how annoying it might be if Jimmy lives with us FOREVER. The tone of the author, the man’s sister, to me, seems slightly annoyed (maybe it’s just honesty)…she always notes that she was so blessed but when he visited for two weeks, it was too much, and they sent him to camp during the day. Scary.

I don’t think about the future very much. I don’t plan, hope, or worry about how things will be. I just figure it will be someday. I have always been like that and reading about how a 50 year old man needed constant watching scares me. I would rather not think about that and reading this book is forcing me to do so. I would rather focus my energy on Jimmy’s smile, laughter, and inability to drink on his own. I’m guessing he will be able to do that on his own soon enough. Why worry about tomorrow, today? Even watching reality shows like The Specials or How's Your News, even though I enjoyed them,  made me nervous about Jimmy’s and my future.

Does anyone else feel that way in my, or at least, similar shoes?


I literally just missed Jimmy’s downward-facing dog again.


He’s smiling because he knows he is too fast for me.


and a close-up


Isa wanted to be in the picture too.


Monday, April 19, 2010


Since it has been all about Isa lately I thought I would dedicate a post to Jimmy. He is as cute as can be and doing very well. He was very thirsty over the weekend and was drinking very well from a cup that was held by myself or Marc. He didn’t choke that much on the pure water which is super awesome. He loves saying Hi to everyone by waving and making a sound that is quite similar to Hi. Today we played roll the ball and he was doing such a great job catching and rolling it back. Isa played too so he would direct the ball to Isa and then the next time to me and he has some skill! I also think he will be a yoga star one day. One of his newer tricks is he practices the downward-facing dog position. It’s as close to standing up as he can get and he works at it everyday. In the picture below he just finished his morning yoga and I tried desperately to get a picture but just missed. I will get it one of these days!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Isa, my four year old.

Isa has grown up so much. It’s hard to believe she is four years old. So young and old at the same time. I was in labor all night with Isa and it was painful. I felt all my contractions in my back, and from the first one I knew that I would be getting an epidural. I was open to not getting one but figured I would, knowing my threshold for pain was and is quite low. Marc and I took the Bradley method classes and knew everything about how this baby could come out and how to relax. The class had lots of relaxation tips including pressure points and massaging techniques. Unfortunately for Marc, I did not want to be touched at all. All it did was make me more aware of the pain I felt. During the night Marc made me whatever I asked for. He made me cookies, bananas with peanut butter, sandwiches etc. He helped me take a hot bath and even tried to sleep when I told him he should. Around 4am I was super nauseous, hungry, exhausted and my stupid contractions were either a minute long or five minutes apart but not both consecutively. I  had enough at this point and called the doctor helpline to let them know I was on my way with or without their blessing. By the time I was set up in a bed it was 5am. I asked repeatedly for an epidural but it did not come till 7am. There was only one anesthesiologist on call that morning. Once I got the epidural I fell asleep. It was great for both Marc and I. We were exhausted. We slept on and off till about 11am. The epidural was losing it’s power but they wanted to check me before they gave me more. That took an hour and by then I was almost ready to go. They let the epidural wear off some more and around 1pm I started pushing. The doctor told me to pick up my legs and I just looked at Marc and he would do it for me. I was sooooo tired and everything ached. I could feel everything except for the actual pushing. Parts of me were still numb…namely the exit area but I was feeling the contractions loud and clear. After denying the doctor’s repeated requests to allow her to give me an episiotomy and nearly two hours of pushing, Isa came out.  It was 2:45pm on Easter Sunday. By this time, I was just relieved that it was over. I really didn’t care that she was a girl or that they took her away. I just laid back and took it all in. After about 30 minutes though, I started to get peeved that I still hadn’t held my daughter. But, I finally did and she was just amazing. I felt like I didn’t recognize her but how could I?, we just met. She was super cute and tiny weighing in at 6lb 3ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long.



Four years later and she is having adult conversations with me. The other day, she said, “ Mama, I have to talk to you. You put yogurt in my lunch and I don’t like it. I used to like it when I was a baby but now I am a big girl and don’t like it.”

She has become very independent. She wants to brush her own teeth and her own hair, make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and pick out her own clothes.

She can still be such a pill. About 60-75% of all exits involve loud crying. When she is tired the tantrum can be heard from blocks away. If you ask her to do something, the odds of her doing something else first, is in the 97th percentile. She can get babysitters to give her lots of treats, later bedtimes, and a promise of gifts the next time they come by.

On the other hand, she will run up to you and declare loudly how much she loves you. Or, she will tell you she has a secret and then whisper, “I love you very much.” She always wants to make valentines and presents for her friends and family. She is extremely grateful for any gift, treat, or present given to her. Occasionally she misdirects the thank you but never on purpose.

On the morning of her birthday I interviewed her about her presents. It’s short and sweet.

Isa talking about her gifts.

She is a funny girl and loves to put on a show. She is entertaining, loving, happy, and just plain old silly.

isa turns 4 (33)

and did I mention, a t-ball player! Let the real chaos begin!

isa turns 4 (41)

Isa had her 4 year check up today. She is 38.25 inches long (25%) and weighs 30 pounds (10%). She wasn’t the bravest when she got her shots. It took two of us to hold her down but the nurse was great and did the job very quickly. Isa got two stickers and then asked if she could get another shot so she could get a third sticker. What a funny girl!

DSC01457  Isa modeling the dress I made her. The fit could be better…I will fix that on dress #2.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Isa’s 4th Birthday and more!

This last week has been a week of birthday parties, beautiful days, and Isa asking, “when is my birthday, will it be when I wake up?”

Jimmy at the park. He was dying to try the sand and wood chips.


He got irritated when I knocked it out of his hands and swept my finger through his mouth to clean out the sand.


Jimmy’s favorite part of the park is a toss up between the swing and the slide.


Jimmy on the slide is a scary thing for me since he just lets his body go. He leans forward to get the sliding started and then it’s just a ride with no worries.



Isa had fun at the park too and loved sliding with Jimmy


Isa being silly in the sandpit.


Isa woke up at 5am on her birthday. It was a real joy! She opened up a lot of presents before 6am.

2010 april 13, 14, 15, 16 Isa's birthday and more

Jimmy enjoyed watching Isa open her gifts and all of her happiness.

2010 april 13, 14, 15, 16 Isa's birthday and more1

After a generous helping of pancakes with chocolate chips, Isa went to school, and Jimmy and I were left alone to prepare for her party and birthday dinner. We went to the store to stock up on goods and Jimmy laughed the entire time. I kept expecting him to pass out from all the laughter but he has a never ending cup of smiles and good times.

2010 april 13, 14, 15, 16 Isa's birthday and more2

Isa walked in from school and saw some balloons and just about fell over with excitement. It’s so fun to get Isa presents because she LOVES them all so much. She asked, “did you get these “a” balloon for me” and then needed to know where they were purchased. She is such a girl and loves balloons,chocolate, and flowers.


Uncle Jonny stopped by with a gift from himself and his fiance, Lisa!!! Just saying! Isa very loved it very much! When I asked her to pose she went and grabbed the balloons for the photo. PS thank you Aunt Leticia and Uncle Nathan for her birthday dress. The dress I got her barely got a glance. Sigh.


Then we went to the park for a small party with a few close friends and neighbors. It was the kind of party I like to throw. At the park there was a huge tree stump and all the girls tried to climb it. Then they started a new and exclusive club! jk

2010 april 13, 14, 15, 16 Isa's birthday and more3

Then they were off to the swing. I have never seen Isa on a tire swing before. It was cool that she went on it. She is getting so old and brave! When I walked up to the girls they were screaming silly words to each other.

2010 april 13, 14, 15, 16 Isa's birthday and more4

One thing that made this party more fun was Jimmy had therapy at the park during the party. It was kind of like free babysitting. Jimmy played on all the equipment with his therapist. Here he is on the middle of a big see saw and Maguire is helping by making it go up and down. It was a great way to work his core while having fun.

2010 april 13, 14, 15, 16 Isa's birthday and more5

We sang Happy Birthday and lit the candles seconds before Isa and the wind blew them out. Sadly, I only got one picture of this. Thank you Mommies for helping me hand out cake and clean up.


After cake at the park we went home and grilled (or should I say, Papa Jeph grilled) some hot dogs and hamburgers.

Aunt Tessa is here!



Her birthday celebration continues with her great friend Eloise. Isa’s only wish was to have a sleepover. Although, she was disappointed she could only invite one friend, she was/is very excited about it. The two girls are currently watching Me, Eloise. Then it will be bedtime. Cross your fingers for two tired girls!