Thursday, April 29, 2010

A beautiful Day!

It was a beautiful warm day and we enjoyed playing outside. Here we are at a friend’s house and Jimmy is swinging in the baby swing.




Jimmy loved being pushed by his big sister. Isa is wearing a dress made by yours truly. By the time we got home, both buttons fell off. Errrr! In the picture below you can see the two buttons that are no longer.


The pattern is from Izzy n Ivy designs. It is a very easy dress to make. The first one took me a week and this one took two days…although I will have to fix the buttons later so technically three days.



  1. cute dress even if the buttons didnt make it

  2. A beautiful day for sure. I was reading your older post about the book you are reading. Just remember he was born in the 1950's. Even when Kristen was born, 1986, a very old doctor came into our room and said, "You know there are places for kids like these." I seriously wanted to throw something at him. I know when Kristen was born I was overwhelmed with the thoughts of her growing up, so many what if's? Look at us now, we made it through the whole menstrual girls stuff that I worried about so much when she was 2, and now she will turn 24 on Monday. She has some friends that she grew up with that are very independant, and some who are not. Whatever the case for every family the shoe fits. It's something that is grown into. You won't just wake up some morning and Jimmy will be 21 and you won't know what to do with him. You'll find that you will grow with him and as you already know, he will show you the way.