Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The big ultra-sound.

His/Her hand is blocking his/her face.010

He/She is scratching his/her head wondering, why all the pictures?.


This one is hand free. He or she is pretty freakin cute…even the doc said so!!


Today I had the big 20 week, level II ultra-sound performed by a technician and a high-risk doctor. Round one was with the technician and the little guy or girl ( i still don’t know) was a moving and a grooving. She could not find out the sex, nor could she get a good look of the heart, or profile (just for me of course). After a lot of hard pressure going across my belly, the high-risk doctor came in. There was barely any pressure when he did it and the images were pretty clear (to them). He was able to find out if it was a boy or girl and the baby looked healthy (yay!). The doc told the technician that since I am thin, less pressure is better (yes, he totally made my day!). He said it was hard to determine real accountable odds based just on this ultra-sound concerning if this child has Down Syndrome. He figured, since I had a baby already with Down Syndrome, the odds were 1 and 100 and that now my odds were 50% less (i think that means I have a 1 in 200 chance according to him). I wasn’t really sure what he meant, but since it doesn’t really matter either way, I didn’t ask him to explain further. I don’t expect to have another child with Down Syndrome, but if it happened, I think it would be great. Jimmy’s wonderful and so would his little bro or sister. Plus, they would have each other, someone that understands their joy and pain. As soon as Marc gets home we will open the envelope and disclose whatever is on it.   

He better hurry.

This is serious!

Marc will be working later than expected. Isa and I can wait no longer, ok, click here!, to learn the sex!





oh, my bad, here is the correct video.

How could I resist with the other video?

Now on to names…


  1. congrats!!! so excited for you guys! LOVED the videos :)

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  3. How fun! Great idea! Congratulations.

  4. Very exciting!!! Great reveal too...I was on the edge of my seat.

  5. Way to go Sis! Can you say best friends/ cousins!

  6. Congratulations!! I loved the video, soooo cute. :)

  7. I think Kathryn Harrison is an appropriate. After all, you do love me!

  8. Congrats you guys!!!!

  9. How awesome for you guys! I didn't read all the way through the post and clicked on the first video and thought, dang, Isa looks much younger than in her photos... :)