Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bobby’s Party!

We celebrated with Bobby today. His birthday started with a wonderful musician, Ms. Julie. She had tons of energy and all the kids were mesmerized. Jimmy could barely smile he was so focused on this lady.



Here is one of the birthday boy. He is obviously her biggest fan! He is so handsome with his little bow tie shaking his egg shaker.


There is a reason I am not a paid photographer. I tried to get Jimmy, Bobby, and Jack to look at me at the same time and failed miserably. Below are some of the best shots. They are pretty cute action shots.

Jimmy’s thinking, oh there is Jack.


Bobby is thanking Jack for coming. Isa is reassuring Jimmy that he looks good.


Now Bobby is trying to get Jack to move closer to him for the photo while Isa is saying, “you look great in this colorful plaid button down shirt.”


Jack and Bobby are waiting for Jimmy and they are kind of annoyed. Bobby has been in a gazillion photos already and he is dying to rip off the rest of his bow tie. Jimmy is getting a few more kisses from Isa.


Jack is ready to leave but he’s willing to pose for a few solo shots. Jimmy is still wishing he was wearing his orange sweater vest.

DSC01196Bobby is so annoyed. This is my party buddy. No one is looking at you!


Isa walked over to Bobby’s Grandma and Great Aunt and presented a book. I think she got what she wanted. It wasn’t the first book she got someone to read to her at the party.


Happy Birthday Bobby!


  1. Love those shots of Jack/Bobby/Jimmy! Too cute! I had no idea Jimmy was being distracted and primped by his big sister.

  2. You've been nominated again!