Sunday, April 11, 2010

a Grand saturday!

We had a lot on our agenda yesterday. Forts, tents, ballet, clean the car, get the car appraised, check out mini-vans, dinner party and many other things in between.  I took the car to get cleaned and when I returned I found this.


As I stepped over Fort “maybe I can play with kids and get to watch espn,” Isa told me about her cool tent daddy made. It was a cool pink tent!


Jimmy seemed a little skeptical about the experience but he wasn’t hating it.


Marc was laying on the floor and both kids rushed to him. It’s like they are trying to get under his skin. They can’t leave him alone…it’s just impossible. They love him so much!


Later on we begged Marc’s parents to watch Jimmy while he napped so we could get the car appraised. They agreed and told us to leave Isa too. Little did we know we would be gone for hours and hours and that they had plans. Jeph came and picked me up from the dealership and took me and the kids home. Later, Marc arrived home in our new ride, a Dodge Grand Caravan.


It’s not the Honda Odyssey or Toyota Siena that we wished for but it’s big, has lots of space, and was a lot cheaper! Apparently, it is mini-van week at Fields Dodge. We will take it.


Isa was very excited about our new car. She wanted to go for a ride.


The one thing we wished it had are automatic doors. Hopefully, we can fix that. Vroom, Vroom!


Lots of cargo space!


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