Sunday, April 18, 2010

Isa, my four year old.

Isa has grown up so much. It’s hard to believe she is four years old. So young and old at the same time. I was in labor all night with Isa and it was painful. I felt all my contractions in my back, and from the first one I knew that I would be getting an epidural. I was open to not getting one but figured I would, knowing my threshold for pain was and is quite low. Marc and I took the Bradley method classes and knew everything about how this baby could come out and how to relax. The class had lots of relaxation tips including pressure points and massaging techniques. Unfortunately for Marc, I did not want to be touched at all. All it did was make me more aware of the pain I felt. During the night Marc made me whatever I asked for. He made me cookies, bananas with peanut butter, sandwiches etc. He helped me take a hot bath and even tried to sleep when I told him he should. Around 4am I was super nauseous, hungry, exhausted and my stupid contractions were either a minute long or five minutes apart but not both consecutively. I  had enough at this point and called the doctor helpline to let them know I was on my way with or without their blessing. By the time I was set up in a bed it was 5am. I asked repeatedly for an epidural but it did not come till 7am. There was only one anesthesiologist on call that morning. Once I got the epidural I fell asleep. It was great for both Marc and I. We were exhausted. We slept on and off till about 11am. The epidural was losing it’s power but they wanted to check me before they gave me more. That took an hour and by then I was almost ready to go. They let the epidural wear off some more and around 1pm I started pushing. The doctor told me to pick up my legs and I just looked at Marc and he would do it for me. I was sooooo tired and everything ached. I could feel everything except for the actual pushing. Parts of me were still numb…namely the exit area but I was feeling the contractions loud and clear. After denying the doctor’s repeated requests to allow her to give me an episiotomy and nearly two hours of pushing, Isa came out.  It was 2:45pm on Easter Sunday. By this time, I was just relieved that it was over. I really didn’t care that she was a girl or that they took her away. I just laid back and took it all in. After about 30 minutes though, I started to get peeved that I still hadn’t held my daughter. But, I finally did and she was just amazing. I felt like I didn’t recognize her but how could I?, we just met. She was super cute and tiny weighing in at 6lb 3ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long.



Four years later and she is having adult conversations with me. The other day, she said, “ Mama, I have to talk to you. You put yogurt in my lunch and I don’t like it. I used to like it when I was a baby but now I am a big girl and don’t like it.”

She has become very independent. She wants to brush her own teeth and her own hair, make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and pick out her own clothes.

She can still be such a pill. About 60-75% of all exits involve loud crying. When she is tired the tantrum can be heard from blocks away. If you ask her to do something, the odds of her doing something else first, is in the 97th percentile. She can get babysitters to give her lots of treats, later bedtimes, and a promise of gifts the next time they come by.

On the other hand, she will run up to you and declare loudly how much she loves you. Or, she will tell you she has a secret and then whisper, “I love you very much.” She always wants to make valentines and presents for her friends and family. She is extremely grateful for any gift, treat, or present given to her. Occasionally she misdirects the thank you but never on purpose.

On the morning of her birthday I interviewed her about her presents. It’s short and sweet.

Isa talking about her gifts.

She is a funny girl and loves to put on a show. She is entertaining, loving, happy, and just plain old silly.

isa turns 4 (33)

and did I mention, a t-ball player! Let the real chaos begin!

isa turns 4 (41)

Isa had her 4 year check up today. She is 38.25 inches long (25%) and weighs 30 pounds (10%). She wasn’t the bravest when she got her shots. It took two of us to hold her down but the nurse was great and did the job very quickly. Isa got two stickers and then asked if she could get another shot so she could get a third sticker. What a funny girl!

DSC01457  Isa modeling the dress I made her. The fit could be better…I will fix that on dress #2.


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