Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jimmy Update!

Jimmy has grown up so much in the last month. It’s like everything is clicking and he’s getting stronger. He crawls so much more now. He doesn’t need to be coaxed all the time to crawl. I will be cooking and look down and there he is in the kitchen. I love it! He is also doing so great drinking liquids. He doesn’t choke half as much. It’s so wonderful. I think this summer he will get the straw and be able to drink by himself. I think some heat will spur that along! Now his honey bear and open cup has just water, milk, and chocolate milk in it. He loves chocolate milk and I know it’s horrible but I will use it to motivate him to drink! Lastly, he is a signing man. Check out this video of Jimmy signing.

Today my handsome man got a haircut. He hated it but now he looks super cute and cleaned up. This picture was taken before the cutting started.


He actually did OK at first. I was singing songs and Dora was on in the background but then she brought out the hair clippers. From that point on it was painful for everyone. I had to hold his head still but he still managed to wave his hands in the way. Thank goodness it is over now.





  1. So smart and so handsome with his haircut! I'm glad Isa knows the sign for eat too... he he...

  2. handsome haircut for a handsome boy

  3. Sometimes he looks so much like Isa! Super cute!

  4. That's the best video ever! Way to go Jimmy, performing for the camera.