Monday, April 19, 2010


Since it has been all about Isa lately I thought I would dedicate a post to Jimmy. He is as cute as can be and doing very well. He was very thirsty over the weekend and was drinking very well from a cup that was held by myself or Marc. He didn’t choke that much on the pure water which is super awesome. He loves saying Hi to everyone by waving and making a sound that is quite similar to Hi. Today we played roll the ball and he was doing such a great job catching and rolling it back. Isa played too so he would direct the ball to Isa and then the next time to me and he has some skill! I also think he will be a yoga star one day. One of his newer tricks is he practices the downward-facing dog position. It’s as close to standing up as he can get and he works at it everyday. In the picture below he just finished his morning yoga and I tried desperately to get a picture but just missed. I will get it one of these days!



  1. Such a cutie, love that hair.

  2. Jimmy is precious! It looks like he definitely enjoyed Yoga:)