Friday, April 2, 2010

Lamb’s Farm

We went to Lamb’s Farm today for an Easter Bunny Brunch Buffet. We walked in and there was a tall clown with huge shoes. We were waiting for Katie and Jack so we spent a lot with Kiwi the clown. Jimmy warmed up to him right away and Kiwi the other way around. They were high fiving and Jimmy was imitating the quacking sounds that Kiwi was making. It was great.
Then we had some yummy food. The thing that makes Lamb's Farm unique are many of its employees. Many of them have a disability of some sort and Lamb’s Farm gives them a vocational opportunity and it also offers residential and recreational opportunities. It’s very cool.
After brunch we went to take a picture with the bunny and do some arts and crafts. Isa wouldn’t sit with the bunny and Jimmy was very wary when I put him in his lap. After pictures Jimmy kept eyeing the bunny and then would look at me and claw my face in fear. I had to cut Isa’s craft time in half because he was so squirmy and scared that I had to get him out of there.
Diving practice…now seems like a good time.
Really Mom?
What is that?
The one decent shot.
We played at the playground for a bit and Jimmy put about 30 pieces of bark in his mouth even though I was trying desperately to prevent it. He’s fast.  The last two days Jimmy has done a lot of practicing standing up. If he has something to hold onto that is the right height he can pull himself up. He loves to practice his new moves and show off.
Just call me Jordan!
One claps and the other joins in. Let’s party!
Jimmy irritated that I removed bark from his mouth!  Give me back my bark!

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