Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last to Leave Home

I am reading Last to Leave Home by Carolyn S. Baker for book club. It’s about a man with Down Syndrome who was born in 1952. He was raised with his family that included two sisters and four brothers. In the 50s there was no early intervention or public school for kids with Down Syndrome. The book touches on that briefly but mostly jumps to his adulthood and talks about jobs he held, people who cared for him, and some of the funny and annoying habits he had. I am only half way through and I am having a tough time finishing it. Some of the stories are cute and make me smile but most of them take away my hope or give me fear of how annoying it might be if Jimmy lives with us FOREVER. The tone of the author, the man’s sister, to me, seems slightly annoyed (maybe it’s just honesty)…she always notes that she was so blessed but when he visited for two weeks, it was too much, and they sent him to camp during the day. Scary.

I don’t think about the future very much. I don’t plan, hope, or worry about how things will be. I just figure it will be someday. I have always been like that and reading about how a 50 year old man needed constant watching scares me. I would rather not think about that and reading this book is forcing me to do so. I would rather focus my energy on Jimmy’s smile, laughter, and inability to drink on his own. I’m guessing he will be able to do that on his own soon enough. Why worry about tomorrow, today? Even watching reality shows like The Specials or How's Your News, even though I enjoyed them,  made me nervous about Jimmy’s and my future.

Does anyone else feel that way in my, or at least, similar shoes?


I literally just missed Jimmy’s downward-facing dog again.


He’s smiling because he knows he is too fast for me.


and a close-up


Isa wanted to be in the picture too.



  1. I know exactly how you feel. I try not to think too far in advance and just enjoy each day with Jack.

  2. This one made me cry, as I am ALWAYS thinking/obsessing/terrified/etc/about Adi's future. Which is why i am so thankful to know you girls. And hopefully we will get through it together

  3. I read your blog looking for information about the book for my daughter summer project. Everything will be fine. Believe me. He is not sick. It has just a condition. He will learn and have a productive life. Just love him the same way he loves you. God will provide the rest.