Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekender!

This weekend was full of fun. It was exhausting, but, thankfully, some parties were cancelled, and we had a relaxing Sunday. Our first party was for Olivia Harrison, my wonderful niece. She turned 5 and had a a super fun Pump it Up party. Olivia had lots of friends there but still managed to hang out with Isa and Jimmy. I was impressed with her ability to make everyone feel included. From the moment we walked in, Jimmy was in full on tense mode; he gets so excited that he tenses up his whole body.


Isa and Jimmy


Olivia and Jimmy


Jimmy was loving the attention from Olivia. Later, when Isa saw the photos, she said, “I didn’t know Olivia played with Jimmy.”


Isa went down this one slide with a look of fear and exhilaration. It was pretty awesome to watch her conquer her fear and have fun!


Jimmy and I were watching Isa from the bottom of the slide. He loved climbing on the mats. I have to get him in a gym type class. I looked online at My Gym and Gymboree and there are no convenient times but hopefully soon we can sign him up for something.


Isa and Olivia trying to climb a big wall. It looks impossible.


Princess of the Party! Happy 5th Birthday, Miss O!


This is what Jimmy looked like when we got home. My tired little man.


Later on we celebrated at Gabe’s 2nd birthday party. Gabe’s mom is a talented seamstress and cake maker. She made a playhouse and a yummy ladybug cake, I am amazed at her talent. Her children are very lucky indeed.

Then we had my brother, Jonny, and his fiancé, Lisa, over to our house to celebrate their recent engagement. We annoyed them with all types of questions and advice and then let them on their way!

This morning, Sunday, Marc and the kids went to Church and I took a nap. It was a wonderful nap. Then Isa invented a fun game. She wants a kite so bad that she turned a balloon and a string into a kite. She ran around with it in our tiny backyard. It eventually became a game of chase and catch the balloon. We couldn’t stop laughing.



DSC01640 DSC01638

I played for a bit too and couldn’t stop laughing. Isa asked Marc later, “Was the game funny? Mama kept laughing.” Good times. The best part of her game is she tied the string to a shoe so it wouldn’t blow away. After playing chase the Kite, Isa went to T-ball.  It got rained out, so Marc and Isa came home after picking up some Panera.  Isa begged Daddy to get pancakes too because she was really really hungry.


We had a nice family walk in the misty rain to the Homemade Pizza store and now we are about to eat dinner. Except for the Bulls losing, I think we had a wonderful weekend.


  1. fun weekend, looks like everyone had a great time. how do you get your pictures so big? love it.

  2. I use the template style Minima Stretch. It is one of the free templates Blogspot offers. Plus, I use Windows Live Writer (Windows 7) to write my blogs which offers different size options for the photos. I use the large size. As you can tell, the first and second photo get a little cut off. One of these days I will try and fix that...till then. Have a great week!