Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alpine, Texas

We drove for 8 long hours, stopping in nearly every town…or at least it felt that way. About 6 hours into the drive Jimmy got very fussy. I put on baby signing time and that held his attention for a little bit but he was clearly not feeling well. We stopped at Wal-Mart to get him some Advil (because there was no Tylenol or Motrin). He drank it up and fell asleep soon after. He snoozed for about 30 minutes and then we had finally arrived. Isa managed the entire trip with no DVDs, very little music, and was great. She is now wired though and not sleeping.

Lisa and Isa playing Barbies on my “bed.”


I put Jimmy to bed while we were all eating and came in after dinner to check on him and he looked like this. I guess he was feeling better.


Isa pretending to go to sleep. I had to come in the room because Isa and Jimmy were just having a good old’ time. I’m happy that they love each other but it’s 9:30pm…way past their bedtime.


Uncle Jacob wanting to see what all the fun was about!…obviously not about sleeping.


I think I have to turn off the computer now because Jimmy has stood up and down about 20 times. I am so happy he is capable of that but not at this time of the night. Isa just bonked her head on the frame of the sofa. I don’t think sharing a room is going to be fun after baby #3 arrives. Hmmm, might have to rethink that idea.


  1. there's no place like home, there's no place like home
    Cute picture of J in the bed...too bad it not at the right time...good luck with the sleep thing ;)

  2. Way to go Jimmy! Standing up like a big boy.

  3. hey, just to let you know he wasnt really going down river, like floating alone. we were just hanging out and he was maybe a couple of feet away when I took that picture of him (the farthest away at any time plus the water was only 2-3 inches deep there) Im too much of a nervous nelly to let him out of arms reach, lol