Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tomorrow the kids and I will be flying to Santa Fe, New Mexico for my youngest brother, Luke’s, graduation. From there we will be driving to Alpine, Texas and stay there for a few days, then on to San Antonio, TX for a night or two, off to Moulton, TX for 3 or 4 nights, from Moulton a day trip to Katy and Houston, then finally back to San Antonio for a week where we will be hoping and hoping Leticia has her baby before we leave, NO PRESSURE though! It’s sweet because it is a long trip and we plan to see everyone we possibly can but bitter because Marc is staying home up until the last weekend. He will fly down to SA so he can fly back with us. Marc worked from home today to get some baby-kid-face time in. It was great. We went out to Hotcakes for brunch.



Yesterday we received some bad news. Jimmy’s thyroid is not functioning correctly and he will be on thyroid medication for the rest of his life:(. A super bummer but I’m glad they caught it.

I had to take down my previous post and rightfully so, Errr. I hate it when I’m wrong. But, I didn’t invent it, nor did I patent it, so I guess I shouldn’t tell people that I copied them, made my own, and encourage others to make their own. They couldn’t have asked in a nicer way. The words graciously and well-intended were used. I think that is why I feel so guilty. Sorry!

Jimmy was in his super excited tense mode all through brunch. Crazy Kid!


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  1. sounds like you will be a busy traveler...why not stop in Louisiana and come visit us while you are at it,lol