Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ehhh! Much better than expected!

It rained all night with loud thunder and lightening. Isa was scared of it and slept poorly in our bed reminding us that she was scared every 10 minutes or so. Jimmy must be teething because he cried out about a million times. Marc and I took turns checking up on him. Needless to say, sleep last night was kind of a joke. Our dehumidifier broke so this morning I went to Home Depot to get a new one. I managed to get it off the shelf, in the cart, in the car, in the house, down the basement stairs, and managed to set it up. Isa had a fun play date, Jimmy took a long nap, Isa and I made oatmeal cookies, and low and behold we went to the park on this rainy/ now sunny day. The ONE thing that made the park not so glorious was the park was flooded and Isa got soaked. She had a great time playing in the puddles though. Before we left she said, “I should have listened to you mom and not gotten wet.” She rode home on her bike in her panties and her helmet. Of course, I saw every neighbor possible on the way home.

Isa talking…her favorite thing to do!


Sprout TV and Pillow Pet’s marketing team are who we have to thank for this wonderful purple unicorn pillow pet. Isa now has learned that if she asks everyday for months at a time for something, she will get the desired object! It came in the mail today.


The unicorn is not only a pillow but a pet you can ride!


Isa with not one bit of embarrassment, riding home in glory with just her panties and her helmet!



Here is one of Jimmy. He was around the entire day being a cutie. He showed off some signs at the park. He noted everyone who wore a hat and when I told Isa to only walk in the grass, he did the sign for grass.


A pretty good day considering the awful start!


  1. That is hilarious that Isa rode home only wearing her undies, oh and a helmet! At least her head was safe! Ha!

  2. i wish we lived that close to a park, FUN!

  3. So funny! My daughter has been begging me for a pillow pet too, I keep putting it off though!

  4. Dear blogmaster, please pass this along to Isa. Thank you.