Saturday, May 29, 2010

Isa ventured in!

Isa is very afraid of swimming. She loves to play in the water but she tends to stay in water that is a foot deep or less. Today, with the aid of an inner tube float ring, she swam around the pool by herself. She would not step down on the third step of the pool even though she could still reach there but she swam around the pool in her tube. She was super excited and asked me to take pictures. She swam with the purple worm at first and then decided she didn’t need it. A SMALL step in learning how to swim but a GIANT step for Isa!




Jimmy was impressed!


  1. What a brave girl. All she needs is some older kids to show her the way.

  2. at least it is a step. Way to go Isa

  3. LOVE that big picture of Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!