Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kiddie Park

We are back in SA. We had a nice time in Alpine. The 6 hour drive was painless…no sick kids, no movies, and both kids took a long nap at the same time! I’ll take it!

Today Jonny and Lisa went with the kids and I to Kiddie Park. Kiddie Park was around when I was a kid and was a favorite place to go. It is missing the super duper scary roller coaster, the Little Dipper, that took me years to get the confidence to get on but it was super fun for Isa and Jimmy. Isa rode the rides and Jimmy watched in amazement and waved.


They are best buds!


Isa on her first ride. This is what she looked like the first three times it went around and then she looked dreadfully bored.


Jimmy watching while standing! His PT would be so happy!


Don’t you love the pink plane painted with flowers and then there is a big machine gun. Isa knew exactly what it was and shot at us as she flew by. Nice, real nice.


Isa on the boat.


Jimmy loved watching his sister.


Isn’t he the cutest looking at his big sister?


Isa is on that bus, going to school and back, over and over again.


This was the scariest ride. After it started I was sure Isa would want off. But, she rode it twice singing at the top of her lungs.


And, lastly, the ride that was higher than the trees.


Good times!


  1. looks like a great park, love the plane with the gun hehe

    I didnt take your comment the wrong way, just did want you to think I was a nutty momma letting her baby float down river, lol

  2. So, what did you do yesterday? Where's my blog post?