Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last weekend of April

We had another great weekend. It started with a wonderful Friday afternoon playing with chalk. Jimmy was a little grumpy and I am pretty sure it was teeth related. I think I spotted a new tooth today.

Jimmy didn’t do much drawing. He mostly watched Isa and ate the chalk.  The glasses are supposed to make the chalk pictures 3D. Isa didn’t notice any 3D elements but thought they made everything look like a rainbow.

DSC01720 DSC01715

Friday night as I was about to fall asleep, Marc told me he was going to run a 5K in honor of families who have lost someone on duty: Chicago Run to Remember. I thought it sounded fun, so we all went. Marc ran and I walked with the kids. Marc came back and helped me out during the last mile. Sadly, I was barely able to reach the finish line.

The kids after we arrived.

DSC01738 Isa loved yelling at the walkers, “on your left.” It felt good passing the super duper slow folks!

Marc and the kids after the race. Isa wanted to explore so we let her get us food from different stands. She brought us pizza, water, and donuts. It was a beautiful day and fun to be by the lake and supporting a good cause.

DSC01751  After we got home the kids watched some Baby Signing Time together. I love it when the watch TV together. It is so cute.


We spent a lot of Saturday afternoon just hanging out. After Marc put a new light in our closet, Jimmy and Isa played with the box. It made a cute hat!



Then we went out to dinner with Aunt Tessa and Uncle Tommy.



They also helped us put the kids in bed. Jimmy and Marc showed off their music skill first.


Uncle Tommy read some books to Isa.


Now on to Sunday. Isa had her last ballet class at 9am and then T-ball at 12.


Then Uncle Jonny and Lisa stopped by to ask Isa if she wanted to be their flower girl. She was super excited and said yes. Then she showed off her bicycle skills. Our neighbors lent her a bike to use with training wheels. This is Isa showing them the big cut down tree at a nearby park.



Then we went to Grandma Jo’s house to celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma Jo! Isa walked the brownies with burning candles to the table. A tad scary but she made it.


Jimmy with Papa enjoying their beautiful flowers.


We are excited to see May Flowers!


  1. First! FWIW, Xt, I don't think you posted this one to FB, BTW.

  2. Also, best post ever! and I totally told you about the race like a month ago. I probably sent you the registration email too.