Monday, May 10, 2010

A Lazy Day…

There are days when you get a lot done and then there are days when you sit around and play and play. I really needed to go grocery shopping, to clean, and to finish a project I started. Instead we practiced signs, read books, tried to teach Isa to say thirteen and fifteen while playing hide and seek (she skips those two numbers when she counts to twenty), and played in a new tent and tunnel. Thank You Joe! The tent is awesome!


We just got this book in the mail. Yay!, new books are fun for everyone…especially me:)!


Isa taking a picture of herself.


Isa taking a picture of Jimmy. He is so excited.


Isa is reading and singing to Daddy.


Isa wants to sleep in the tent tonight. I’m not sure it will work but Marc and I decided to let her try.

Happy Monday Everyone!

PS. I just added a pray for Ella button on my page. She is a cute little girl fighting leukemia. Please include her in your prayers. To read more about her click here or on the button. Thanks!

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  1. This looks like a pretty cool tent!