Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Park Weather!

We have had the best Spring weather wise. In the nearly 8 years I have lived in the Chicago area this is by far the best Spring EVER. We have been going to the park everyday. Yesterday, Sam and Jimmy and their mommies went for gelato and then had fun at the park. Yes, they are wearing matching shirts!DSC01805

Today, Isa had a play date and we arrived early. I had Jimmy Johns so we had a picnic in the minivan. Have I mentioned how much I love having the minivan? Cause, I love it!


I picked Isa up after Jimmy and I took a nap and she was so good. No tears. She just left saying goodbye and thank you. A very rare occurrence for Isa. I decided it was treat worthy or maybe I am just pregnant and really wanted some gelato two days in a row! But, Isa doesn’t need to know about that!


Jimmy and I finished with our gelato and Jimmy got super mad. He got mad yesterday as well. Jimmy has a super sweet tooth. Isa shared some of hers with Jimmy. What a sweet sister!


Since I can’t hang out with Jimmy in the sandpit we are either on the swings or the slide. This is Jimmy loving the swing!


And his ride down the slide. He had so much fun he busted out of his onsie.


On the way home Isa and her bike fell over. She got back up and rode it home though.


This is Isa desperately looking for proof that she fell over (no obvious cuts or bruises though). She thinks she found something on her finger but it’s really just dirt.

DSC01856 We walked by this car with a stuffed animal on it. I thought it was pretty funny. Isa wanted to pet it but I was afraid she would get the car dirty. This is a three car garage with three cars jacked up higher making it a six car garage and the fancy cars are always out on display.



  1. we love the park too and we have had great weather for it

  2. to answer your question...Yes he can and does ride a bike. He learned to ride a tricycle at 3 and then 4-5 months later he learned to ride one with training wheels. He started off riding in the house in the kitchen around my island, now he runs us over so the bike is outside...he rides in the grass which is hard(our drive is rocks and long....we live in the country :),nothing like living in the sticks lol) His experience has been great he LOVES his bike!

    He does anything my girls do, he is a very determined little boy...how old is Jimmy?