Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Baturday!

The title means nothing…just wanted to write it. This morning we went to a playgroup with a group called the 21 club. They meet monthly and normally we can’t go but we were able to make it today. There was a cool craft. It was a hand book. Take a look! Isa helped a little but the craft involved a lot of cutting so I did most of it.


Jimmy crawled around on the floor and even found a nice button to put in his mouth. SCARY! He had a good time though.


Then we went to a small wine and cheese party with some of Isa’s classmates and their parents. The girls had a great time.



Jimmy had a great time with Charlie. I think they are a month apart in age.


Gotcha! Jimmy loved it.


Bubble time!


Tonight Marc and I are both going out though to separate places. It’s been a busy Saturday…I can’t wait till tomorrow with very little on the agenda.

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