Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three Long Years…

It has been three long years since I have seen my friend Raquel. The last time I saw Raquel, Isa was about 9 months old and we’d just moved into our house. Since then Raquel has adopted two wonderful kids and I have had Jimmy and am pregnant with my third. How severely things change when you add kids to the mix, yet it feels like yesterday we were dancing at the discos in Monterrey, Mexico.


DSC02405 DSC02409



The kids played well for the most part. Isa and Jordan had fun and started a girls club. Michael wasn’t too happy about that but he came around. We had a great time in the pool!

Jimmy, Isa, Jordan, and Michael


Me giving the kids a ride in the blue and pink…hippo?!?


I rarely get in the water but Marc wasn’t here so I had to do it!


We played an intense game of hide and seek. I found EVERY one when it was my turn to seek! JK! Although, Raquel scared the crap out of me when I found her. I’m gonna get her for that one!


The kids had fun getting ready for bed. Michael read the girls three stories and all is mostly quiet now (at 9:17pm).


a cute one of the big kids.


and a super cute one of Jimmy!


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  1. I love those small pictures of Isa and Jimmy. It looks like Jimmy is telling some funny jokes.