Thursday, May 6, 2010

a whirlwind

From April till now it seems like we have been going at full speed. We have been to a million birthday parties, park outings, and then the regular stuff that’s always on the schedule like school and therapy have been making us crazy busy. I have noticed lately that my house has been subpar in the area of cleanliness and that we have had sandwiches for lunch and dinner many times. I don’t know if it’s just that I know all the therapist well enough that I don’t worry what they think anymore or if I would just rather go outside and play but I think I need a new cleaning strategy! But, let’s not worry about that today! Yesterday, we went to our last “April” birthday. It was cancelled earlier and rescheduled in May. It couldn’t have been a nicer day out. It was a garden party and the kids performed manual labor for Eloise’s parents and planted flowers and then they had a bug hunt.


A side note: the blanket that Jimmy and Lexi are sitting on are actually two sheets sewn together. I have sat on that blanket a million times and never noticed. I have always loved that blanket and plan to copy that idea in the near future.

Jimmy and Lexi! My two red-heads are always playing together. They are so sweet.



Here is one of the kids all eating cake or a cupcake. Quiet and messy!


Throughout the party I kept leaving Jimmy alone on the blanket and he did just fine. He played with cups, found some pirate booty (and ate it…it was still on the blanket so not that gross), and roamed around happily.


This morning we said goodbye to our student Developmental Therapist, Bridget. We went to the park and played. Jimmy showed off his park skills and some new signs. Jimmy is now signing dog and elephant very well and a few others with a few cues. He is a master! Below are Bridget and Jimmy going down the slide.

DSC01894 Here Jimmy is reading one of his favorite books.

DSC01896 One picture of the group. The sun was blaring warmly in their eyes so no one looked at me when I took the picture.

DSC01905  Isa had a dress rehearsal for her recital today. I had sooooooooooooooooo much fun dolling her up for the performance. I put some blush, eye shadow, and lipstick on her. She wanted more make up. I will have to take longer next time and make it seem like more. Before we left I took some pictures…she is my little star! I can’t wait to see the class perform the cupcake dance on Sunday. She is supposed to be a cupcake.



We actually used the minivan and picked up one of Isa’s friends, Josie. Here they are in the car. Please note that Isa’s tutu goes all the way up to her head.


They wouldn’t let any of the parents in the building. It was kind of strange. Here are the girls getting ready to check in. Bye bye, see you in an hour.



  1. I love Isa's tutu all tucked into the car seat. So funny and cute!

  2. And um, we may be looking into minivans too. Ugh! I can't believe I just admitted that. =)

  3. I love me some tutus...those days are sadly gone for me and I sure miss them