Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Morning

Jimmy woke up at 5:20am yesterday so the idea of being at the beach at 8am is really not that crazy. We practically had the beach to ourselves. It was a little chilly so I put my shirt on Jimmy. This is Jimmy after his first fistful of sand entered his mouth.

What? I eat what I want!


Isa loves dancing with the waves.


Jimmy requires a lot of entertaining to avoid sand entry into his mouth. Here we are playing hat on, hat off!


Jimmy is hoping for a kiss!


Yup, I get what I want!


Isa is my tan little girl loving life.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Fun Day!

This morning Isa decided she needed a belt to brighten her ensemble. She needed a little help but the outfit was all her minus the camp guidelines of tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt. The belt she found was part of an old purse of mine.


Jimmy did some showing off today. While reading the book in the picture Jimmy said, “apple.” It was pretty clear too.


Isa and I had a rare chance to hit the beach alone. It was only for an hour but the beach was empty due to no swimming allowed (due to high bacteria levels). Isa enjoyed the solitude and I enjoyed taking her picture. She danced with the waves.






Our day ended with a yummy caprese pizza that Isa and Pillsbury helped me make. I used Pillsbury’s premade pizza dough, baked it, then topped it with pesto, sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, fresh basil, salt, and pepper. Then cooked it for an additional 5 minutes or so. Yummy and easy as can be. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bunk bed!

The options were going to church when it’s raining cats and dogs or putting the bunk bed together. I think you know what we chose. Marc did lots of work. He had to take the bed in Isa’s room apart and move it to the basement in the hopes it will be used again one day. Her room was a mess. The bed is off the wall because she was gonna move it herself.


Then Marc had to take Jimmy’s crib apart and then reassemble it in Isa’s old room. Jimmy’s room is also a mess.


Then he put it back up in Jimmy’s/new baby’s room. Jimmy will sleep there for now. DSC03127

Here is a picture of Marc hard at work.


This is the finished bunk bed. It fits quite nicely. In time we will put something on the bottom half to make it a Jimmy safe bed. Not sure what though, do you have any ideas? This picture reminds me of camp…a sheet less bunk bed.


After a laborious day we went to Papa’s house for some yummy pot roast. It was delicious. Isa took our picture out in the yard.


I did lots of cleaning out drawers and closets and found this.


It’s a little Christmas decoration I bought for craft time and was one of the only things that motivated Jimmy to move. I would hide it till the physical therapist came so it wouldn’t get old. He would reach for it and eventually he pivoted for it. It seems so long ago when those little things were such challenges.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

a FULL Saturday

This morning Isa had her second swim lesson. She did so great. I talked to her teacher and told them to leave her alone with her swim belt. They did or Isa just did it on her own. I missed that part walking up to the balcony so I could watch. But by the time I was at the top, she was swimming from one side of the pool to the other exclaiming proudly, “I’m doing it, I’m doing it.” She also congratulated the other swimmers around her.


Considering last week when she screamed and cried hysterically the entire time, this is like Isa winning the Gold at the Olympics!


After Isa’s swim lesson we drove to the dreaded Ikea in Schaumburg to pick up a bunk bed. The best thing about owning a minivan is this…


I love that you can just put the seats in the floor and then have a commercial van on your hands. Or, split it up 50/50 like this.


We came home and watched poor USA lose to Ghana. Bummer! Then Marc and I went to Ravinia to listen to Buena Vista Social Club. The weather was excellent and we had sweet parking…overall, an excellent day!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What we have been doing this week.

This has been a crazy week. Isa has been going to two camps and Uncle Jacob is in town. Between camp, therapy, and pool time I’m surprised we’ve had time to eat. Isa walked all the way to camp Monday and Friday with no complaining. The coolest thing about SFX camp for me is that the uniform is shorts and a t-shirt. I get to see Isa in shorts. She looks super cute.

Wednesday it rained so we drove to camp.


Isa at the pool.


Jimmy drinking from a sippy cup at the pool. Yes, he can drink from a sippy cup and he can also fling it like a pro quarterback.


Here is Isa trying to butter me up by wearing the skirt I made for her. She totally knows how to get on my good side.


Isa walking to camp. Yes, that does look like a skirt but it has shorts built in. She is so sneaky. Lately, she has been lining up her outfits on the floor trying to decide which one she is going to wear. She does the same with her pjs at night.


Two seconds earlier Jimmy was pushing at the screen door trying to get out.


Isa with her camp counselor, Betsy, at Safety camp. She has learned so much there. I think sending her to safety camp was such a good decision. She learned about how to cross the street, what is poison, not to talk to strangers, what to do if there is a fire, bus safety, and more. It is quite incredible actually. She told Grandpa Jeph all about the stuff she learned.


Since my brother Jacob was at home with Jimmy, I decided to take Isa out for a special treat.






Isa and Uncle Jacob picked raspberries at Grandpa Jeph’s house.


Papa Jeph has the best garden.


Then we relaxed in the yard and shared raspberries while Jeph made us a wonderful dinner. Thank You, Jeph, it was delicious!


The last two pictures are my favorite. This is me pretending to be a real photographer. Isa is feeding Jimmy raspberries.



We also are off the waiting list for Respite Care! Hurray, respite starts next week. The exterminator has killed our ant problem. We could have a location for the coffee shop. It has been busy but it feels good to get so much accomplished.

Happy Friday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jimmy is TWO!

This morning Jimmy woke up at 5am with a huge…well I won’t go there. I fed him a banana in the hopes that he could fall back to sleep afterwards…NO-way-Jose. Isa got really upset when she learned there wasn’t gonna be another party today for Jimmy. What kind of parents are we? This morning I found Jimmy pulling out all the clothes in his drawer. Yup, he is officially TWO!


Poor Jimmy, he is so tired. Look at his puffy eyes and it is only 9:20am. Jimmy is about to have developmental therapy but he would rather take a nap.


Jimmy is Two and some of his accomplishments include:

1. Feeding himself with his fingers.

2. Drinking from an open cup (when I am holding the cup).

3. Pulling up to a standing position.

4. Signing numerous words: train, cracker, grass, elephant, dog, bird, duck, more, drink, all done, daddy, mommy, shoes, car, baby, eat, hat, sleep, stop, bear, bye bye, play, book, ball, kiss, tree, grandma, grandpa, and gentle. Plus, if you remind him of the sign there are a lot more he can sign and those are just the ones I can think of!

5. He has 8 teeth, two on the left side of his mouth and the rest on his right.

6. He loves to read books.

7. He loves to wake up at 5am.

8. He can follow instructions that he wants to follow!!! He is still throwing his food on the floor. :(

9. He loves to roll the ball and is pretty good at it. He will throw the ball too now and will go and get it should it stray from its intended path.

10. He really loves to know what Isa is up to and finds her and bugs her…in a good way.

11. He is super happy with anyone unless Marc or I are around and then he pushed the others away.

12. He has stolen many hearts (and I just hope he doesn’t break too many when he gets older.)

13. He makes us laugh everyday and makes us smile a million times more.

14. He will pat your back when he hugs you and lays his head on your shoulder.

15. He can say Isa, Daddy, Nana for Banana, Mama, woof, and mooo. And, he can follow the inflection of all done, stop, bye bye and more.

16. He can do the hand movements for If you are happy and you know it, Open/shut them, and the itsy bitsy spider.

17. He will cry when the ice cream runs out.

18. He is 30 3/4 inches tall (25% on the Down Syndrome chart).

19. He weighs exactly 18 pounds.

20. He is the cutest man! Thank you God for the best gift EVER!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

We celebrated Jimmy’s birthday today. His party encompassed all of his favorite things: singing, pizza, ice cream cake, family, and presents (not necessarily in that order though!). Tomorrow is Jimmy’s actual birthday and I plan to make a list of all of his accomplishments and Tuesday is his two year well visit with the Doc. I wonder if he is 20 pounds…time will tell. But, for now, here are some fun pictures. My computer froze up while I was downloading the party pictures so I lost some of them. At the end of the party, when everyone was packing up, I got some really cute pics and they are all lost in cyberspace somewhere…boo!

Jimmy’s first present!


He was getting some instruction on how to open it. Little does everyone know that he was just waiting for everyone to leave so he could open it…sneaky sneaky like!


Thank you Aunt Tessa for my first Thomas the tank engine!


Next he got some presents from Grandma Jo and Papa Jeph. He got very upset when Grandma tried to open the card. He wanted it to remain as is. He did not win that battle!


He figured out the whole gift wrap thing very quickly!


Jimmy’s excited about his ABC Cubs’ book!


Alistair tuning up the guitar!


Cake Time! Can he be more excited about cake and everyone singing Happy Birthday? Love it!


Everyone else!


He is a happy man!


But no hats please!


Cousin Al and Olivia and Aunt Tessa


Lisa, Isa, and Uncle Jonny


Jimmy and Grandma Jo DSC02940

Thank you everyone for coming! Jimmy had a great birthday celebration!! And, there is leftover cake for tomorrow, WooHoo!!!