Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bunk bed!

The options were going to church when it’s raining cats and dogs or putting the bunk bed together. I think you know what we chose. Marc did lots of work. He had to take the bed in Isa’s room apart and move it to the basement in the hopes it will be used again one day. Her room was a mess. The bed is off the wall because she was gonna move it herself.


Then Marc had to take Jimmy’s crib apart and then reassemble it in Isa’s old room. Jimmy’s room is also a mess.


Then he put it back up in Jimmy’s/new baby’s room. Jimmy will sleep there for now. DSC03127

Here is a picture of Marc hard at work.


This is the finished bunk bed. It fits quite nicely. In time we will put something on the bottom half to make it a Jimmy safe bed. Not sure what though, do you have any ideas? This picture reminds me of camp…a sheet less bunk bed.


After a laborious day we went to Papa’s house for some yummy pot roast. It was delicious. Isa took our picture out in the yard.


I did lots of cleaning out drawers and closets and found this.


It’s a little Christmas decoration I bought for craft time and was one of the only things that motivated Jimmy to move. I would hide it till the physical therapist came so it wouldn’t get old. He would reach for it and eventually he pivoted for it. It seems so long ago when those little things were such challenges.


  1. always :)

  2. Are you looking for something that will simply keep Jimmy from rolling OFF the bed, or something that will keep him IN the bed? If you are looking only for something to keep him from rolling off, check out this website...

    Morgan uses these and they work wonderfully stuffed under the mattress pad.