Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good and Good

Jimmy takes a class on Tuesday mornings at the gym. It’s called, All About Me. It is a physical class and he gets a good workout. Today the teacher talked to me afterwards to tell me how well Jimmy was doing. He participates in every part of the class and doesn’t object to working hard. It’s so great. He even crawls to the toys and helps clean up. He knows the routine. Smart man! She thinks my almost two year old is ready for preschool. Awww!

This afternoon my friend, Abbi, set up a project in the park. The project was fun (I will show you later!). Then, all of a sudden, it started to rain. We all figured it would pour for 5 minutes and then stop. That didn’t really go as planned and we could only keep the kids dry for so long. Isa ripped off her dress and shoes, played in the rain, and modeled for my friend Abbi. She took these super cute photos. If you want to see some super cute crafts with tutorials, check out Abbi’s blog, thislifeasweliveit.

2010 June Abbi craft

2010 June Abbi craft2 2010 June Abbi craft3

There are more photos but they involve another nudie girl and I’m not sure her mom would approve.

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  1. This post is from the 15th. Do you know that it is now the 18th!?! Did you get transported in time? I can't imagine you lived through those days at normal speed and failed to update the blog. I need updates!