Thursday, June 10, 2010

It’s Summer Time!

Yesterday was Isa’s last day of school. I picked her up at 11 and then we were off to an ice cream social. Here is a picture of a good portion of her classmates. Please don’t ask me to name them…there are 25 kids in Isa’s class.


Later yesterday afternoon we hit the Farmer’s Market and got some yummy snap peas, strawberries, and cherries. There is a playground next to it and the kids played and we had a picnic dinner.

Today we went to the pool and had a great time in the sun. It seemed to get a little cooler right as we were leaving. Perfect timing! While Jimmy was napping Isa and I made cookies. They were superb. I ate about 5 of them throughout the day. Not the best idea but I don’t have gestational diabetes. Yay! After Jimmy woke up and we had cookie time, we went to the grocery store and bought some flowers. It’s sad that my dad and father in law seem to care more about our lack of flowers than we do. They have both planted flowers in our garden box in the back yard and I decided I should do the front yard today. We weeded our front garden and waited for Olivia to help us plant our new flowers. Olivia and Isa were great helpers and although this doesn’t look professional it is a HUGE improvement from before. 


My friend offered some free mulch and I think that will make this look a lot better.


After dinner Marc played with the kids and read them books while I cleaned up. Now I am sitting on the floor right outside of Isa’s room playing the role of bad cop. I think they are winding down a bit. The only way they will sleep is if there is no talking. Isa gets wound up way to easily. They are tired though so it shouldn’t be too long.

Marc wanted to take this picture of me pointing at the girls to sleep.


We did a lot today! Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. I hope we get to have a little fun first.


  1. Hilarious! I love the bad cop photo!! The flower garden looks wonderful - you had some good helpers :o)

  2. Congrats on passing the glucose test. So not fair!

  3. Hi there! got your post on bbc! thanks for not seeing the double chin! lol. Anyways your Jimmy is adorable! How exciting to be expecting, I bet he is going to be a great big brother! I look forward to checking back in with your beautiful family soon!