Monday, June 21, 2010

Jimmy is TWO!

This morning Jimmy woke up at 5am with a huge…well I won’t go there. I fed him a banana in the hopes that he could fall back to sleep afterwards…NO-way-Jose. Isa got really upset when she learned there wasn’t gonna be another party today for Jimmy. What kind of parents are we? This morning I found Jimmy pulling out all the clothes in his drawer. Yup, he is officially TWO!


Poor Jimmy, he is so tired. Look at his puffy eyes and it is only 9:20am. Jimmy is about to have developmental therapy but he would rather take a nap.


Jimmy is Two and some of his accomplishments include:

1. Feeding himself with his fingers.

2. Drinking from an open cup (when I am holding the cup).

3. Pulling up to a standing position.

4. Signing numerous words: train, cracker, grass, elephant, dog, bird, duck, more, drink, all done, daddy, mommy, shoes, car, baby, eat, hat, sleep, stop, bear, bye bye, play, book, ball, kiss, tree, grandma, grandpa, and gentle. Plus, if you remind him of the sign there are a lot more he can sign and those are just the ones I can think of!

5. He has 8 teeth, two on the left side of his mouth and the rest on his right.

6. He loves to read books.

7. He loves to wake up at 5am.

8. He can follow instructions that he wants to follow!!! He is still throwing his food on the floor. :(

9. He loves to roll the ball and is pretty good at it. He will throw the ball too now and will go and get it should it stray from its intended path.

10. He really loves to know what Isa is up to and finds her and bugs her…in a good way.

11. He is super happy with anyone unless Marc or I are around and then he pushed the others away.

12. He has stolen many hearts (and I just hope he doesn’t break too many when he gets older.)

13. He makes us laugh everyday and makes us smile a million times more.

14. He will pat your back when he hugs you and lays his head on your shoulder.

15. He can say Isa, Daddy, Nana for Banana, Mama, woof, and mooo. And, he can follow the inflection of all done, stop, bye bye and more.

16. He can do the hand movements for If you are happy and you know it, Open/shut them, and the itsy bitsy spider.

17. He will cry when the ice cream runs out.

18. He is 30 3/4 inches tall (25% on the Down Syndrome chart).

19. He weighs exactly 18 pounds.

20. He is the cutest man! Thank you God for the best gift EVER!


  1. Jimmy is so amazing thanks in large part to his amazing parents and big sis. Congratulations on two years and so many accomplishments!

  2. Yea Jimmy,except for the waking up at five, ewww that is not fun for Mommie. What a smart little man

  3. My faces are # 14 and # 17. Happy Birthday Jimmy! You've definitely stolen my heart!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! You've grown so much this last year. We just can't wait to see what's next!

  5. New follower!! And I love the blog! Can't wait to read more!