Friday, June 4, 2010

Jumping Place

I honestly can’t remember what the place was called but while Leticia was in the hospital delivering Emma, the kids and I were with my friend Jen and her kids. It’s a lot like Pump it Up but it had a movie screen???? Why would you take your kids there to watch a movie? If they didn’t have that option they would be jumping and playing the whole time. Isn’t that the point? Anyways!, we all had fun and it wasn’t till the end that our kids discovered the movie. That’s when we left.

The first picture was taken outside of the place. We got there early. Jimmy was checking for quarters and forgotten candy!


Isa and Kate on the purple Dino. What’s this guys name?


Kate got bored rather quickly and got off so I put Jimmy on.


At the end we tried to get a group shot. It was pretty tough. It’s Tyler, Isa, Jimmy, Brant, and Kate.


Here I asked them to say something.


and here is one of Jen and I. Isa took this photo. She has talent.


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