Thursday, June 3, 2010

More pool time!

Unfortunately, all this pool time is giving me a sun rash. Something new and very annoying in my life. Errr. But, it has been fun and Isa gets more comfortable in the water everyday. Today, Isa tried the arm floats. At first she was very scared but then I left her alone in the pool and forced her to swim about three feet. She was very mad and excited at the same time. She got out of the pool immediately and took off the arm floats. Not five minutes later, she asked me to help her put them on again, and then asked me to stand next to her while she “swam” by herself. Then she was off! She went everywhere. It was very exciting!


After we played in Stormy’s pool, we went and played at Stormy’s house while Jimmy napped. Isa and Stormy played very well together and dressed up to the nines.




After Jimmy had a wonderful nap he ate a ton of pizza. Then he was a super happy boy.



This evening I got a sitter so all the adults could go out for dinner with Nathan and Leticia. Tonight is Leticia’s last evening without a baby. We had a great time but then we looked outside and everything was dark and eerie. We rushed home but the storm started before we made it there. The house was super dark when we arrived. The power had gone out five minutes earlier. Elissa, the sitter, and the kids were all huddled on Isa’s bed. Isa was dramatically scared and Jimmy was as happy as can be. We lit some candles till the power came back on. Everyone got home safely but Nathan/Leticia and Jacob still have no power.


Everyone but my mom…thank you for taking the picture!


Elissa ended up hanging out with us for awhile till the storm hushed up a bit. During that time Isa milked her for all she was worth. She was a great sitter…if only she lived in Evanston!


I hope to have pictures of my new niece tomorrow!

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