Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy Day

It keeps raining and even when it’s not raining it looks like it will any second. We pretty much stayed inside all day today. It was nice though and we started some projects.

Isa made this onesie for her baby sister Cinderella.


Then she made this one for Emma. She had her cabbage patch doll model the look. Don’t worry Leticia, she doesn’t have to wear it!


While Isa was doing that I made this for Jimmy. I still need to sew around the edge.


Jimmy needs unstained onesies. I don’t think we have any at the moment.


This onesie makes me think of the Sneetches that had bellies with stars and of the poor Sneetches with none upon thars.

I have a light blue onesie too but I’m not sure what I should put on that one. Ideas?


  1. So cute! Don't you love rainy days? Hmm, light blue, I'm a sucker for animals so maybe a penguin or a fishy?

  2. Shirt ideas: Car, boat, dragon, hammer, drum, guitar, 'i love dirt'

  3. Make it a shark! Gold shark on light blue shirt.