Friday, June 25, 2010

What we have been doing this week.

This has been a crazy week. Isa has been going to two camps and Uncle Jacob is in town. Between camp, therapy, and pool time I’m surprised we’ve had time to eat. Isa walked all the way to camp Monday and Friday with no complaining. The coolest thing about SFX camp for me is that the uniform is shorts and a t-shirt. I get to see Isa in shorts. She looks super cute.

Wednesday it rained so we drove to camp.


Isa at the pool.


Jimmy drinking from a sippy cup at the pool. Yes, he can drink from a sippy cup and he can also fling it like a pro quarterback.


Here is Isa trying to butter me up by wearing the skirt I made for her. She totally knows how to get on my good side.


Isa walking to camp. Yes, that does look like a skirt but it has shorts built in. She is so sneaky. Lately, she has been lining up her outfits on the floor trying to decide which one she is going to wear. She does the same with her pjs at night.


Two seconds earlier Jimmy was pushing at the screen door trying to get out.


Isa with her camp counselor, Betsy, at Safety camp. She has learned so much there. I think sending her to safety camp was such a good decision. She learned about how to cross the street, what is poison, not to talk to strangers, what to do if there is a fire, bus safety, and more. It is quite incredible actually. She told Grandpa Jeph all about the stuff she learned.


Since my brother Jacob was at home with Jimmy, I decided to take Isa out for a special treat.






Isa and Uncle Jacob picked raspberries at Grandpa Jeph’s house.


Papa Jeph has the best garden.


Then we relaxed in the yard and shared raspberries while Jeph made us a wonderful dinner. Thank You, Jeph, it was delicious!


The last two pictures are my favorite. This is me pretending to be a real photographer. Isa is feeding Jimmy raspberries.



We also are off the waiting list for Respite Care! Hurray, respite starts next week. The exterminator has killed our ant problem. We could have a location for the coffee shop. It has been busy but it feels good to get so much accomplished.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Gelato es mi favorito! And YAY for Respite!!!