Friday, July 30, 2010

Jimmy’s Graduated!

We were at the grocery store yesterday and Isa asked if Jimmy could ride with her in the car. I started to say no when I noticed there were seatbelts. Jimmy can now ride below.




Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had a low key weekend that ended with a bbq at Sam’s house. Good company, good weather and good food…what more can you ask for?!

This is my favorite picture of the dads and kids on the bus. They made lots of stops including one to a water park, the local pie shop, and to the baseball stadium.


The sand table is a dangerous toy for Jimmy. I think he ate about four fistfuls of sand. JIMMY!


Sam and Isa played very well together. They took turns with the spray bottle (best toy ever). They made this bus. I don’t think bossy Isa wanted Sam to drive but I think he got in a few laps when she wasn’t looking! Isa was a little concerned about the bus remodeling job. Sam was about to get kicked off the bus. Jimmy seemed to like it though.


Jimmy spent a lot of time on this blanket. He could not escape it.


Did I mention there was a seal there?


I love this one of Sam.


Good night!

PS I did add a something extra to the freezer stencil shirts I made…I think it added a little pizzazz!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freezer Paper Stenciling Artwork

I saw this on my friend’s blog, this life as we live it, and she saw it on this blog, How about Orange. Freezer paper stenciling is where it’s at! My friend, Berenice, and I decided to make some of our own. You need freezer paper which can be bought at your local grocery store, scissors, an iron, paint brush, and fabric paint.

1. First, I printed up a template. I just used Microsoft Word and came up with this (I used the word art program to make it look funky).


2. I traced the letters onto the dull, paper side of the freezer paper (waxy side facing down). Then I cut it out.


3. Then I ironed it onto the fabric with a piece of freezer paper on the other side of the fabric as well. I added the B and g inserts after I ironed the big piece.


4. Then Isa and I painted the middle part with fabric paint.


5. After the paint is dry, you can pull off the freezer paper.

6. To set the paint you should iron it on the wrong side of the fabric.


7. Add more pizzazz later, if you like!


It’s a super easy project and it doesn’t take that long.

Isa’s Museum

While Isa was in swim class this morning, I was cleaning up. The amount of Isa artwork was overwhelming and I didn’t want to just recycle it even knowing that most of the paper was reused. Most of it had boring contract corporate law stuff or statistic notes on one side and in some cases both sides. Enough of the build up…this is what I did.

DSC03751  All the butterflies were traced, cut, and decorated by Isa with no help from anyone.DSC03752

There is a stamp section of the paint program and that is where the chicken and airplanes come from. She colors them on her own. Some are all Isa’s handiwork and some are stamps repeated a million times. And, some are a combination of lots of different things.2



I was a little nervous Isa would be mad since she talks and talks about giving it all away. She was very happy about it though. Yippee!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The weather was really strange today. It rained a bit this morning and then it was super hot and stuffy all afternoon. We stayed inside today and I tried to knock a thing or two off my to do list. It’s hard to get stuff done since I am 33 weeks pregnant and tired and when Jimmy naps, I nap, and Isa entertains herself. Isa has been pretty good lately and hasn’t gotten in that much trouble. Her newest toy is a printer Marc connected to her computer yesterday. She can now print up her drawings she made/makes on the paint program. This is what it looked like when I got up. She is so proud of her artwork as are Marc and I.


One of my projects is to make a ton of monarch butterflies for a gala benefiting Friends of the Orphans in October. I was cutting butterflies and Jimmy was having some fun of his own (why can’t he take longer naps than me:).


After picking up the confetti I went back to cutting as did Isa.


Then she colored her butterfly. The blue on her face was from some face paint. She was a clown this morning.


Although I just made a dent in one of many projects I want to complete before the baby is born, at least, one of them has been started!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stella’s Farm 2010

We took a family trip to Stella’s farm last weekend. It was a great trip. Enjoy the pictures.

We started with some water colors. A classic camping activity!


Jimmy played ball.


Jimmy hit on the younger chicks. Evie is unsure of Jimmy.


Jimmy moved on to Harriet. Hey, nice paci!


Harriet showing off for Jimmy.


Jimmy is smitten.


The girls shucking  sweet corn.


Then came out the water guns. Isa’s rule was, I can shoot you but you can’t shoot me. Her reasoning was, it’s only water, when she shot everyone but then freaked, I don’t like water, when payback occurred. Not a good game for Isa.


Jimmy approached the dog but moved away when Elvis, the dog, approached him. Smart man!


This is Elvis ready to pounce on any food that is dropped.


Jimmy ready for some 4-wheeling fun.


Let’s go Gabel!


Gabel wanted to drive and Jimmy was smart and held on.


Jimmy playing with one of the girl’s hats.


We locked the kids in the tent but they didn’t go to sleep. Around 10pm we separated the girls and they fell asleep instantly.


The morning after. Jimmy slept well. He loved this little Fisher Price radio. I need to get him his own music playing machine.


Time to feed the horse. Jimmy was a little nervous.


Isa was a little nervous too.


OK, so that wasn’t that scary.


Jimmy signing horse.


Marc and the kids walking back from the visiting the horses.


We left shortly afterwards. All three girls were disappointed it was over and many tears were shed. It was a great mini-family vacation with friends.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our week in pictures.

The week started and I thought it was wide open but it quickly filled up with doctor appointments and errands. It was also very hot this week, which was tough on Jimmy and I.

One afternoon we went to the mall to play on the dragon. We lasted about 20 minutes. The heat was killing all three of us. On our way out we noticed a train and decided to go for a ride. The train conductor took our picture. Isa thought he was the coolest and asked him how long he had been a train man. The man chuckled and replied, “oh for awhile now.” DSC03545



Jimmy had some fun during OT this week. He got to sit in a bin full of pinto beans. He played and practiced spooning the beans from one container to another. Isa was quite jealous she couldn’t fit in there as well but got to play with the beans alongside Jimmy.



On Thursday afternoon I took Isa to see Toy Story 3 while Jimmy played with Grandma Jo. We literally left for the theatre at the time it started and made it just as the movie started. Isa laughed, cried, and was scared during the movie but she loved it. The credits rolled with a fast paced Spanish style song and Isa got off her seat so fast and started dancing. She was wearing a Minnesota cheerleading outfit my brother’s future mother in law gave her to wear to the Northwestern games!



Isa has been crazy about her art projects since July started. I clean up the project table and then 10 minutes later it’s a mess again. Today I recycled a bunch of her art projects and thankfully she hasn’t noticed yet. I did take pictures of the cuter, more complete, ones.


The next one is Cinderella and Ariel.



Some bottles with treats in them.


This is a fish. The fish is black because he ate lots of trash and dirty things.


Some of Isa’s homemade kites.


The next one scares me a little. I hope that isn’t supposed to be an ax.


Isa also likes to practice drawing in the lines. She says when she is five she will probably be better at it. I’m guessing that is true. She does work with a lot of dull crayons and dried out markers.



Just two more!



Actually, there are a few more. I just remembered one she made right before dinner tonight. She drew a fish. Then she randomly wrote some letters. I’m sure she was spelling something in her head but when Marc read it he said, “oh you spelled wait.” Isa laughed and then said, “that’s a silly name for a fish.” Then we all laughed. It was a great start to dinner!


This is her freaky elephant


I combined a few pieces and framed them in our kitchen. Isa was a little sad when she noticed because she had planned to give them all away to her friends. She got over it pretty quickly though. Thank goodness!


Have a great weekend!