Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had a low key weekend that ended with a bbq at Sam’s house. Good company, good weather and good food…what more can you ask for?!

This is my favorite picture of the dads and kids on the bus. They made lots of stops including one to a water park, the local pie shop, and to the baseball stadium.


The sand table is a dangerous toy for Jimmy. I think he ate about four fistfuls of sand. JIMMY!


Sam and Isa played very well together. They took turns with the spray bottle (best toy ever). They made this bus. I don’t think bossy Isa wanted Sam to drive but I think he got in a few laps when she wasn’t looking! Isa was a little concerned about the bus remodeling job. Sam was about to get kicked off the bus. Jimmy seemed to like it though.


Jimmy spent a lot of time on this blanket. He could not escape it.


Did I mention there was a seal there?


I love this one of Sam.


Good night!

PS I did add a something extra to the freezer stencil shirts I made…I think it added a little pizzazz!



  1. The shirts just look wonderful! Isn't that such an easy project? I do love me some instant gratification...

  2. I love the shirts. When you first did them, I thought they were cool, but I figured I could just embroider some. I like the additions though. I may do something similar. I find out what mine is in two weeks.

  3. Lucas gets stranded on our blanket too, he hates the feel of grass. Love the shirts, super cute.