Monday, July 5, 2010

Bobby’s Water Park!

We had a great time playing with Bobby this afternoon. He has an awesome set up with a pool, sand pit, water table and slide...not to mention fabulous snacks!

Here is a pic of Jimmy on the slide.

DSC03418  Bobby is screaming at Jimmy to get out of his way and Jimmy is screaming back, “Hell NO!” JK


Isa performed for the little guys. They LOVED it! Jimmy is by far her biggest fan.


Bobby went back to his pool after two songs. Isa’s encore never ends (I completely know the feeling Bobby!). Jimmy was still enthralled though.


Jimmy and his bud, Bubsy!


Bubs is checking out his umbrella in this one. I think this might be the best one I have of him. I was always sitting to his side when he was smiling.


Thank you for a great time Anne, Valerie, and Bobby!

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  1. What lovely kids! They look like they have having a great time.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog post the other day, I was quite overwhelmed by the lovely responses I received.