Thursday, July 22, 2010


The weather was really strange today. It rained a bit this morning and then it was super hot and stuffy all afternoon. We stayed inside today and I tried to knock a thing or two off my to do list. It’s hard to get stuff done since I am 33 weeks pregnant and tired and when Jimmy naps, I nap, and Isa entertains herself. Isa has been pretty good lately and hasn’t gotten in that much trouble. Her newest toy is a printer Marc connected to her computer yesterday. She can now print up her drawings she made/makes on the paint program. This is what it looked like when I got up. She is so proud of her artwork as are Marc and I.


One of my projects is to make a ton of monarch butterflies for a gala benefiting Friends of the Orphans in October. I was cutting butterflies and Jimmy was having some fun of his own (why can’t he take longer naps than me:).


After picking up the confetti I went back to cutting as did Isa.


Then she colored her butterfly. The blue on her face was from some face paint. She was a clown this morning.


Although I just made a dent in one of many projects I want to complete before the baby is born, at least, one of them has been started!

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  1. such beautiful pictures, Isa. That is what my girls would have if if they had the chance