Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freezer Paper Stenciling Artwork

I saw this on my friend’s blog, this life as we live it, and she saw it on this blog, How about Orange. Freezer paper stenciling is where it’s at! My friend, Berenice, and I decided to make some of our own. You need freezer paper which can be bought at your local grocery store, scissors, an iron, paint brush, and fabric paint.

1. First, I printed up a template. I just used Microsoft Word and came up with this (I used the word art program to make it look funky).


2. I traced the letters onto the dull, paper side of the freezer paper (waxy side facing down). Then I cut it out.


3. Then I ironed it onto the fabric with a piece of freezer paper on the other side of the fabric as well. I added the B and g inserts after I ironed the big piece.


4. Then Isa and I painted the middle part with fabric paint.


5. After the paint is dry, you can pull off the freezer paper.

6. To set the paint you should iron it on the wrong side of the fabric.


7. Add more pizzazz later, if you like!


It’s a super easy project and it doesn’t take that long.


  1. Im so trying this, thanks for sharing. Love Isa'a wall of pictures

  2. love the shirts. stealing that idea when i have time.

  3. Wow, what a cool project! I'm gonna have my sons do this too, the shirts look awesome!