Monday, July 5, 2010

Isa’s first firework show

Isa went to bed at her regular time and fell asleep after a little more than the usual complaining and monster visits.  We tried to wake her up when it was time to leave for the firework show.  She was not waking up.  Marc tried to get her to do jumping-jacks to “wake up her brains.”  Isa was not having it.  However, the mention of adventure and ice cream treats finally got her awake enough to get out the front door.


It was an elaborate set-up, and Isa was finally ready to go.  About two minutes into the bike ride it started to rain a little.  Isa shouted for Marc to stop and please put down the plastic cover on her trailer.  She told Marc “you just keep riding the bike and you will not get too wet.”  Thankfully, it was just a little sprinkle.  Isa does like being in her wind protected bike pod…it must feel like a real adventure. 

The Spot:

Map picture

Finally, they got there and sealed the deal with ice cream treats from a cooler bag.  I am assured that the face here does not reflect Isa’s feeling about the drumstick, just flash photography in her face in the night.  


She loved the fireworks and they were far enough away that she only got scared once.



She got so spaced out and sleepy on the ride home that we were a little worried that she wouldn’t remember that she actually went to the fireworks.  In the morning she told me all about it.  She loved the fireworks! And, she thinks maybe Jimmy can go when he’s four.

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  1. Im glad she had fun and such a thoughtful sister