Saturday, July 24, 2010

Isa’s Museum

While Isa was in swim class this morning, I was cleaning up. The amount of Isa artwork was overwhelming and I didn’t want to just recycle it even knowing that most of the paper was reused. Most of it had boring contract corporate law stuff or statistic notes on one side and in some cases both sides. Enough of the build up…this is what I did.

DSC03751  All the butterflies were traced, cut, and decorated by Isa with no help from anyone.DSC03752

There is a stamp section of the paint program and that is where the chicken and airplanes come from. She colors them on her own. Some are all Isa’s handiwork and some are stamps repeated a million times. And, some are a combination of lots of different things.2



I was a little nervous Isa would be mad since she talks and talks about giving it all away. She was very happy about it though. Yippee!

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