Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marc’s Weekend!

Marc got off the train and headed to the other side of the platform to look for me. I was supposed to be there waiting for my train downtown. He called me and I was huffing and puffing with this heavy cake that I was awkwardly holding. I asked him to help me out, so he headed in my direction, and took some of my luggage up to the platform. Then he waved goodbye and went to find our lovely kids that I locked up in the basement. JK, they were with a sitter.

Marc tells me that Isa was already in her pjs when he got home and the babysitter left.  They all wanted to go outside and fly kites (construction paper on yarn).  Isa put on shoes, a headband, a bow, a plastic Hawaiian lei, two necklaces and two bracelets.   She explained, “If I go outside with my jammies on people will just laugh and say ‘why is she outside with just jammies’, but if I go out like this everyone will think that I’m just dressed fancy with a fancy dress.” 

My first email from Marc had this picture attached. They were making a rocket with paint and an old oatmeal box.

2010 July Marc art project

Next email had this in it.

Isa:  is Santa magic because he flies in the air in the whole world?
Marc: well, that's the story.
Isa:  next time get me a Santa movie so I can know what happens.

Next photo sent to me with the subject line: Pickle and Tomato Snack!

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00257-20100711-0948

Next email…

Marc:  watch out for your head.
Isa:  I don't need to watch out for my head, I just love crying. (Isa smiles at her joke)  Crying and getting hurt. (now, laughing at her joke)

Another photo emailed to me. No subject line.

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00256-20100711-0739

Another email from Marc…(conversation takes place in the car on the way to get cupcakes. Marc remarks to me later that he felt no need to go fast because he liked that the kids were strapped in)!

Today, Isa starts crying quietly in the back of the car and says she doesn't want to get old and die. She says she just wants to be a kid forever.  I asked her why and she said that old people have hurty stomachs and get hurt.  I asked her if she wanted to be five like Olivia, and she said yes, but that she only wanted to be kid ages, not big ones.  She also said she just wants to live with mom and dad and play and not have to work.  She says that big people have to cook food and do work and she just wants to play.

In a phone conversation Marc shared with me that Isa ran all the way to grandma’s house and that he was very impressed.

Also, at the grocery store Jimmy kept signing the fruit that was in the basket, would then sign eat, and then scream when the desired action was not taken. Jimmy is such a communicator.

Oh, and Isa asked Marc where I was and he said on a long sleepover with Aunt Tessa. Isa said she wanted a sleepover with Aunt Tessa. Marc agreed and said he also wanted to go on a sleepover and Isa laughed and said, “Daddies can’t go on sleepovers. They have to work!” Smart, smart girl!!!

Marc asked me to mention that Isa can do 35+ dribbles with a full size basketball.  And she let him pitch whiffle balls to her for almost half an hour.  Amazing amount of physical activity from the girl who says “I don’t like to run because then my hair gets sweaty.”  Also, Jimmy thinks it is really funny when they kick soccer balls into the fence. 

Marc and the kids had a great time! 

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