Saturday, July 3, 2010

Measuring Small…

At my last doctor’s appointment I was told I was measuring small. I am pretty sure I measured small with Isa as well. This time I had to get an ultra sound done to make sure everything was ok. And, everything was ok. The baby looks healthy and according to the ultra sound, baby #3 is measuring 29 weeks and 2 days and tomorrow I will be 31 weeks. Not exactly a huge discrepancy. The ultra sound technician told me that I would probably be back. WHY? Because odds are I will measure small till I deliver. I am going to conveniently (for me) not make that appointment. It’s summer. It’s time to have fun, go to the beach, NOT get a babysitter, have back up for Isa’s camp pick up, and drive out 25 minutes for an ultra sound. I did some research online and the concerns for measuring small are 1) the baby is not getting enough nutrition, 2) that it’s a sign of another problem. All I know, is that at 30 weeks, the baby looks healthy in every way. I’m guessing that is not going to change before the baby is born. Plus, they don’t do anything for problem 1) and probably won’t do anything for problem 2). So, what’s the point? Thanks for listening to me complain. I get so annoyed with everyone and everything having to be cookie cutter. We are all different and some of us have small babies. I’ve had two at 6lbs 3oz. Odds are my third will be in the same weight range.

I did get to see some pictures of baby #3 although they aren’t very clear. This is a profile shot with the umbilical cord going across her face.


Here is another one. I think it’s the face straight on but I could be wrong.


Oh and baby #3 is breeched. Please turn around, PLEASE!!!!

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  1. a precious baby,I can already tell....will pray baby turns around