Friday, July 16, 2010

Our week in pictures.

The week started and I thought it was wide open but it quickly filled up with doctor appointments and errands. It was also very hot this week, which was tough on Jimmy and I.

One afternoon we went to the mall to play on the dragon. We lasted about 20 minutes. The heat was killing all three of us. On our way out we noticed a train and decided to go for a ride. The train conductor took our picture. Isa thought he was the coolest and asked him how long he had been a train man. The man chuckled and replied, “oh for awhile now.” DSC03545



Jimmy had some fun during OT this week. He got to sit in a bin full of pinto beans. He played and practiced spooning the beans from one container to another. Isa was quite jealous she couldn’t fit in there as well but got to play with the beans alongside Jimmy.



On Thursday afternoon I took Isa to see Toy Story 3 while Jimmy played with Grandma Jo. We literally left for the theatre at the time it started and made it just as the movie started. Isa laughed, cried, and was scared during the movie but she loved it. The credits rolled with a fast paced Spanish style song and Isa got off her seat so fast and started dancing. She was wearing a Minnesota cheerleading outfit my brother’s future mother in law gave her to wear to the Northwestern games!



Isa has been crazy about her art projects since July started. I clean up the project table and then 10 minutes later it’s a mess again. Today I recycled a bunch of her art projects and thankfully she hasn’t noticed yet. I did take pictures of the cuter, more complete, ones.


The next one is Cinderella and Ariel.



Some bottles with treats in them.


This is a fish. The fish is black because he ate lots of trash and dirty things.


Some of Isa’s homemade kites.


The next one scares me a little. I hope that isn’t supposed to be an ax.


Isa also likes to practice drawing in the lines. She says when she is five she will probably be better at it. I’m guessing that is true. She does work with a lot of dull crayons and dried out markers.



Just two more!



Actually, there are a few more. I just remembered one she made right before dinner tonight. She drew a fish. Then she randomly wrote some letters. I’m sure she was spelling something in her head but when Marc read it he said, “oh you spelled wait.” Isa laughed and then said, “that’s a silly name for a fish.” Then we all laughed. It was a great start to dinner!


This is her freaky elephant


I combined a few pieces and framed them in our kitchen. Isa was a little sad when she noticed because she had planned to give them all away to her friends. She got over it pretty quickly though. Thank goodness!


Have a great weekend!

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