Saturday, August 14, 2010

A busy week

I find this blog harder and harder to keep up with it. By the end of the day, I am utterly exhausted. And, during the day, in between appointments, grocery store runs, pool outings etc, I am cleaning, just in case, there is a showing. This is kind of what our week looked like.

Isa is singing a song.


Jimmy being an expert audience member. It’s a win win relationship between Isa and Jimmy right now.


Song continues on the unicorn. Isa will sing and you think the song is over but really she is just taking a break. Don’t worry, she will let you know that it’s not over yet.


This is my brother, Jonny, and his fiancé, Lisa, walking into Piece Pizza and Brewery for a surprise birthday party. I think he was surprised!


Yes, we are here for your birthday! Happy 27th!


Isa made a jumping pad. The chair next to the mattress is there for decoration. Is it horrible that when I see this, all I think about is cleaning it up?  She came home after swim class so excited because she jumped into the pool three times. She wanted to practice at home. This is Isa winding up.


This is Isa getting some air. I think there was one other jump where she actually got some air and then she decided sliding down was better. I approved of that idea.


Jimmy will play in this nook of a closet till all of a sudden there is no floor left and he can’t figure out how to free himself.


Friday we went to Fantasy Kingdom. Sadly, we arrived 45 minutes before it closed. I checked the website but my brain is completely useless these days. Oh well. My camera could not keep up with the kids but here are a few cute ones.

Frog, Giraffe, and Firefighter Isa.




Did you know that penguins fight fires too?



Agatha and Al riding puppy dog motorcycles! The best part was Agatha moved her puppy dog over a few feet and Al followed so they would be side by side. Twins are the cutest.

DSC04105 Have a great weekend!

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