Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy Times…

My friend told me today that she now knows that I am officially crazy. She suspected it for awhile but it is now confirmed since we put our house on the market weeks before our baby is due. You can’t plan these things. Sunday there was a great open house and lots of people came. One couple came a second time tonight and Marc and I have our fingers crossed that they make a decent offer.

During the open house on Sunday, we played at Grandma and Papa’s house.

Then Isa got a bob haircut. We convinced her it would be so cute and her cousin Olivia has one! 


Later, we played library and it looked a little like this. Jimmy was in constant excited mode.






The key to keeping the game, library, alive is to get a new book before Daddy finishes the last book.


Today while I was lying down, Isa was making herself a cheetah costume. The costume is complete with face make-up. Gotta love it!


Here Isa is doing a voodoo dance. She accidently dropped the noodles and that accident entertained her for 30 minutes…at least! She made lots of “A” letters and then turned the noodles into a stage for some tap dancing. She had this little butterfly with her which made it hard for me not to think that it was some kind of witch circle.


Tomorrow is fetal assessment day. If my little girl is below the 10th percentile, a high risk doctor will be brought into the picture, and it is possible he/she will think the baby will be healthier outside of the womb. I will do whatever he/she thinks best. Thankfully, I am full-term! So, it is possible I could have this baby tomorrow. Crazy. I am going to try and schedule the inducement (is that a word?) at the same time as my friend’s C-section but odds are I won’t have much control over making that happen.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Love Isa's haircut!

  2. I'm crossing my fingers for you, Christi! (And, btw, Isa is fantastic. Next time I'm bored, I'm going to think to myself, "What would Isa do?")