Monday, August 2, 2010

Mom & Dad, Weekend Away, Baby #3

My parents flew in on Thursday to give Marc and I a little getaway before we are outnumbered by our kids. Marc and I had a relaxing time. We ate well, read, slept, walked the streets, read some more, slept and caught a show at Second City. It was just what we needed. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Tessa for making it possible. I asked my parents to take pictures and my mom took two pictures the entire weekend (and sadly, they aren’t worth sharing…just proof they took Isa to swim class. I couldn’t even tell which one she was:) ). Thankfully, my brother took one with his phone. This is Isa being a tiger, I think.

2010 July Isa

My parents dropped the kids off with us downtown and then we had some family fun. We went to the bean.



Then we headed back to Tessa’s place and dried Isa’s clothes in the drier. She had fun getting wet at “the face” Crown fountain.

Jimmy had a great time!







Once Isa’s dress was dry we headed off to the Metra and went home.


Tonight, Isa came out of her room after I put her to bed and said, “don’t worry mom, I have my pajamas on under this dress.” I then told her to wait so I could take a picture and then she had to go straight to bed.


A little while later, she came out and asked me to take a picture of her animals. They were having a sleepover in their pajamas but with fancy stuff on.


She is now asleep!

I almost forgot about baby #3. First, on our weekend getaway, Marc and I spent a lot of time thinking about names. We now have a top 4 list and we are no where near close to making a decision. Also, today I had an ultrasound done. I am 35 weeks and 2 days and the baby is measuring closer to 32 weeks and 5 days but healthy. They want me to come in weekly to do a non-stress test and every other week to monitor growth. I have an appointment with a random doctor from my practice (since my doctor is now on maternity leave) on Wednesday. I plan to discuss the pros and cons of following the ultrasound doctor’s orders. I loathe making appointments. If I have the baby on the same day that I had Jimmy in terms of weeks, this baby will be born on August 18th. It’s coming up! Of course, If I have her on the same day I had Isa, she will be born on September 9th. Pretty big range.


  1. it is so nice to have a little get away sometimes.I know ive said before but I love Isa is always dressing up...those are the best times. Jimmy is growing so fast!

  2. I can't believe you are so close, time flies! My husband and I can never come to an agreement with names we always have to compromise, good luck! Glad you had a nice getaway, love the pics.

  3. Sounds like a fun, well deserved weekend away! I had NSTs with O and the twins. For me...nothing was conclusive and it was a lengthy waste of time. But I'm no doctor. Hopefully your new OB can offer some useful insight. Did little miss flip? And, maybe you need to meet her before the name clicks? You'll look at her for the first time and say, "Oh yes! She's definitely _____!" Good luck these last few weeks/month...I'm thinking of you & right there with you :o)

  4. How nice to have a little getaway!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Loved the pics!! Good luck getting through these last few weeks.....I'm sure your name choice will come to you the moment you see her!!! Hang in there:)

  5. Your little guy is an absolute DOLL!!