Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some updates…

First, our baby girl has passed two non stress tests with flying colors and there is plenty of fluid and umbilical cord is in working order.

Second, offer on house was accepted. We have the inspection tomorrow.

Third, our house is officially on the market. We have till Nov. 1st to sell it. Of course, someone else can swoop in at anytime and make a better offer and take the house from us. Although, I am getting excited about possible new house, I would be OK with that if it happened.

Fourth, we had two showings today. I actually saw one family leaving as we drove up. I think they were at our house for a long time because I was told they would be there between 5 and 5:30pm and we got there at 5:45pm. But, maybe they just showed up at 5:30…who knows.

Fifth, Isa, Jimmy and I ate out at Jimmy Johns since people were at our house and Isa performed for those eating in. They had the music pumped up to 90s Rock. Yes, I am one of those parents that lets their child do this. Bad Mommy!


Jimmy was rocking out too! Here he is taking a break.



  1. Turkey sandwich and a stage? That's like an Isa dream come true.

  2. Cute pics! And yay for the good news on your baby girl!!

    Looks like you have lots of things going on. Keeping busy isn't such a bad thing:) Good luck with the house(s)!!!