Thursday, September 30, 2010

Isa in swim class

Thanks to my father in law, Isa can continue taking swim classes. He takes her since it would be a real arm full for me to do it with two non-walkers. This week I was able to take her since my mom was here and able to watch Jimmy and Rosie. Thanks Mom, what will I do when you leave:(

Rosie loves this position (pic below) by the way. If she’s fussy just put her on her tummy and pat her back. She just started to stretch when I took the photo.


At Isa’s swim class, I witnessed Isa poke her teacher, pull on her teacher’s swim suit strap, talk up a storm, and freak out when she had to put her ears in the water. What am I going to do with that girl?

The best part about the goggles is that they are never worn over her eyes. They are for looks only.


Below are pictures Papa Jeph took at Isa’s swim class. Thank You Jeph for taking Isa. There will be a day when she won’t freak out about getting water on her face and ears.


The Jimster

I picked up Jimmy from school today and the teacher had so much fun stuff to say. She said Jimmy wanted to walk up the stairs with the rest of the class. She compromised and helped him crawl up the stairs. He also wanted to walk everywhere else in the class room. He gave his aid quite a workout! A fellow classmate, who is smitten with Jimmy, showed him how to walk. So cute, he said, “watch Jimmy, you just do this” and then demonstrated by walking for him. Love it! Jimmy also practiced drinking from an open cup by himself today. I remembered as I was lying down to take a nap that I was supposed to bring a sippy cup to school. Oh well. After pick up, Jimmy was in a great mood and danced in his car seat all the way home. Preschool might be worth the stressful logistics of dropping off and picking up Jimmy and Isa from two different schools.

You can’t tell from this picture but Jimmy was full on dancing!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Rosie is one month old!

We have survived one month with three kids. Woo hoo! My mom has been in town for the last week. She worked hard with the kids but also painted the middle section of our basement. It looks great. I wish I took a before photo. Here is an after shot. It was minty green and dirty before and now it is so fresh and so clean clean!


While Grandma was painting, Isa opened a hair store and Jimmy played babies. Jimmy even fed his babies. So cute…sadly no photos of that.



Bebe hard at work. She would not turn for a photo.


Grandma Bebe, Jonny, and Lisa took Isa to soccer. Lisa took some great photos.

2010 sept bebe basement kiddos

Rosie is one month old and went to her one month appointment today. She is now an eight pounder, 8lbs and 1oz to be exact! She is sitting between the 10th and 25%. She gained 2  1/2 pounds. Woo hoo! She is 20 inches long (10th %) and was not happy about getting her hep B shot (100th%). Poor thing. Way to grow Rosie!

I didn't take very many photos this week but here are a few.


This hat is a tad big as are all hats on her. Her head circumference was in the 5th %. I think that is why she can lift it and bob it around.




Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun with Cousins!

Today we visited Isla and her family. It was fun to let the older cousins meet their newest baby cousin. Isla and Rosie had a great time meeting each other too.

The oldest of the bunch! Miss O is almost 5 1/2 and Isa is almost 4 1/2.


The newest members of the Harrison clan, Isla- one week, Rosie- nearly four weeks.





They follow direction very well…Look to the left ladies.


Now look to the right.


And, just one more of Isla and Rosie!


And, a photo of all the girls!


and a close up of all the girls!



Thursday, September 16, 2010

My two girls.

Because she is so cute!



Hands up!


Isa played wedding planner to the monkey and the penguin.



We were at the park with friends and these three girls were willing to do almost anything for a cookie.



they are not picking their noses…they are touching their noses, spinning, and hopping all at the same time.


my soccer girl right after her one and only night practice.


Yes, her shorts go down to her ankles.


and she keeps getting cuter.



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Isla and more!

This week has been action packed. I will start with the most exciting news. My fourth niece, Isla, pronounced eye-lah, was born today at 12:26am. She was 6lbs and 11oz. She looks so much like her older sister, Olivia, and her older brother, Alistair. She is beautiful and has such a mature look to her. Marc and I were lucky enough to leave the kids with Jo and Jeph so we could meet her.



We learned this week that we lost “grandma’s” house. Oh well. We will keep our house on the market and see what happens.

We had many dance parties while Marc was home.



Isa held Rosie many times and Jimmy has given Rosie many wet kisses.


Isa and Jimmy gave Daddy a great hairdo.



Rosie was a cutie pie this week. She slept a lot. Here are a few moments with her eyes open.






Jimmy stood up a few times this week without holding on to anything. He sits almost immediately afterwards but he can do it! Here is Jimmy checking himself out. He loves his reflection.



Isa started soccer. She had a great time. She joined the huddle of the other team and played an impromptu goalie for the goal her team was shooting on. It’s a learning process! Her team is called the Green Lizards.