Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week One with three kids.

Rosie has been great. She eats well and sleeps well and loves to be swaddled. She’s had many visitors including Grandma Bebe and Papa Mark from Texas.





Jimmy seems like he aged a year or two overnight. Here he is playing farm. He is signing even more and is learning new songs everyday. Marc has been exposed to Jimmy’s therapy and is impressed with how well Jimmy does and is disappointed with me that I don’t share all of it with him. Woops! Today I gave Jimmy a spoon with his yogurt and low and behold he worked it so well. He dipped the spoon in and directed it right into his mouth. He even checked out his reflection doing it in the microwave. For the first time I understand what the middle child is all about. Jimmy has gotten the least attention for sure…thankfully he is entertaining himself quite well.




Jimmy’s OT would be so proud!


It’s been so great having Marc home. I would be overwhelmed if he wasn't. He has been a step ahead of me with everything and in between making food, and playing with Isa and Jimmy, he is rearranging furniture and making daily runs to the store and Isa’s  school. Marc also started reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to Isa and she LOVES it. She pauses the story when she needs to go to the bathroom and reminds him that she hasn’t un-paused it when she’s climbing back into bed because she’s so worried that she might miss a word or two. I’m so glad he will be home for two more weeks.



Isa has been pretty good. She likes to hold Rosie but is otherwise not that interested in her. School started which is great. She loves school and she is starting to calm down a bit. She was wired and tired the first week coming up with activities for Daddy and all of the visitors to do with her. Right now she is putting all her dolls in jail. Earlier she was teaching kinastics (gymnastics) class and in it were many descriptions of moves that involved mermaids, cheetahs, and cheetah-mermaids. Marc is gone right now helping my brother move and she is happily playing by herself. I wish she could do that when Marc was around.

This is Isa making a car for her and her doll. They need to do some shopping. She reminds me of Jane Fonda in this outfit.



I remember when I went to the store for the first time with two children and thought, OK, I can do this. I have a feeling it will be awhile before I try that with three. At least, it will be another two weeks before I will be put in that position…then again, there is always peapod. And, thank you to everyone who has brought a meal and/or will be bringing one. They have been great so far. I love my E-town Moms!

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  1. Have I been away that long?!! Congratulations Christ & Marc! Rosie is BEAUTIFUL!! I hope that everyone is adjusting well. And a big congratulations to Jimmy & Isa, I am sure you will both be the best big brother/sister ever=)